Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunflower Dishcloth And Coasters

I am playing with brown and yellow cotton yarns. I made a simple round dishcloth in these colors and it looks like a cheery sunflower. I got the idea after starting out a round ripple in green and yellow and thinking that the design would be cute in brown and yellow. I did work up some matching coasters. These will go to my sister’s church bazaar.

My younger son Tom gave me a late Mother’s Day gift yesterday. He said he forgot he had it in his room to give to me. He fooled me. I thought he was getting me a crochet book, but instead I received a gift box with body lotion, cuticle oil, and some other manicure items! The lotion is lightly scented and is very nice to use. What a good boy he is! He’s still my baby at 22! He was a big help to me on Sunday, planting my flowers for me and doing the dishes!

One of my sisters is returning home from vacation today. She spent the last week in the Florida Keys, at the Ocean Pointe Suites Resort. She really enjoyed her time there, calling it a “home away from home”. I really like that place too. Our brothers and sisters are discussing a family vacation next year, and I suggested OPS as the place to stay. I’ve been there twice and both times, we have enjoyed our stay.

DS Tom graduates on Friday morning with a 4-year degree! (After 5 years of school – LOL!) During his second year of school, he took a music course during the first semester and enjoyed it so much that he filled his schedule with more music classes. Unfortunately, they were counted as electives, or did not count toward his credits total at all. Thus, the 5-year degree! It’s okay though. I’m glad that he had a good experience in school and learned to love music so much. We will take him to lunch or an early dinner after his graduation ceremony on Friday, and then take him to dinner with family on Saturday. We didn’t plan a party, as it’s just too costly these days. I think it’s okay with him, though. He’s not a party-person. I hope my older son and his girlfriend will take him out on Saturday night. I like to see the boys spend time together.

I had planned to go out at lunch time to get Tom’s announcements made, but that changed. I took advantage of the time instead to crochet some more dishcloths.


  1. HI there! I really like those sunflowers, perfect for coasters! I spy a crochet calendar on your desk.... :)

  2. Yes - you've got a good eye! That is a Crochet-Pattern-a-Day calendar. You can never have too many patterns!

  3. Hi!.. My daughter gtaduates with her 4 year degree this Saturday! I did not plan a party either, and I feel badly about that, but I come from a family who wouldn't care to celebrate something so wonderful anyway... unfortunately. So I am planning to bake a nice cake, to eat after we go out for dinner. That should be nice, I hope! It will be a proud weekend for both of us! (0;