Saturday, May 30, 2009

Early Morning - Love It!

I'm an early riser - even on weekends. I hate the feeling that I slept the day away, so at 7:00 am, here I am blogging!

Plans for the day include more crocheting, taking Tom to a dr. appointment, then to his piano lesson, and attending a graduation party.

I had a great time with my grandson last night. I love him dearly. Poor little thing was so tired last night, and yet he fought off sleep valiantly. By the time his dad got here to pick him up, I think he had had enough of the dogs sniffing him and the tickles from Granpap and Grammy's off-key lullaby and just wanted to get the heck out of here! He probably fell asleep the moment their truck started for home. Sweet little angel. Weren't the pictures great! He has so many different expressions.

My project for the day is still undecided. Do I work on an afghan for the grange fair, or put together more of those coasters and dishcloths I promised to my sister? The grange fair deadline is closer than the dishcloths, so maybe I'll begin there. That will mean a trip to AC Moore or maybe Michael's. I hear they have a new line of yarn out. Gotta check it out.

Time for some coffee...

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