Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Is It About a Sleeping Baby?

I have this photo on my desktop at work. It’s my dear little grandson, Justin. I am holding him in the photo, and he is sound asleep in my arms. When things get bad, I minimize all my applications and just gaze at the photo. His little face has some strained carrots on it near the corner of his mouth, his little apple cheeks just begging to be squeezed. He looks like one of those Anne Geddes babies – an angel.

That photo has helped me get through some rough days – days when I consider just dropping everything and fleeing for my sanity.

I thank God every day for my beautiful little grandson.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chemo Caps

I'm working on chemo caps for my dear SIL who was diagnosed with leukemia. She has had a transplant and is currently undergoing treatment in Hershey PA at the Hope Lodge. She said that her hair has been falling out from the treatments, so she allowed them to shave her head. She asked me for chemo caps, so I've pulled out hook and yarn. I've finished 3 hats to send to her, and hope to get a few more made.

I would like to have at least a dozen, so that she can share them with others at the facility.

With each one I complete, I say a prayer for my SIL's complete recovery.

Hope you are all having a good night. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Have a Winner

I pulled a name at random from the responses to my previous post. The winner of the book of crochet patterns for purses is Therese!

The winner will have 5 days to contact me via my blog so that I can get your mailing address. In the event that I do not hear from the winner by midnight on 9/18/09, I will choose an alternate winner from the remaining 4 names. Waiting to hear from you.

Today is a special anniversary. My DH and I have been married 29 years. I can't believe I was so lucky to find a great guy like he is!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mystery Destination Was...

The Poconos! The surprise was blown (at least to my thinking) when I turned on the GPS to start out our trip. Up pops the address! Of course, it didn't tell DH where we were staying but it did tell him we were headed for East Stroudsburg PA! Dang! He was thinking we were headed for the Jersey shore. Then the GPS took us on a trip! I thought it would put us on the PA turnpike, taking the northeast extension. Wrong! It actually sent us up the NJ side of the Delaware River. So it was an adventure for both of us.

We stayed at the Fernwood Hotel and Resort. I'd read excellent reviews and also some very bad reviews on the place. I was hesitant to book it, but it was the most reasonably priced lodging with availability on such short notice. There were restaurants on the grounds and lots to do in the resort and the surrounding area. We arrived at 10:00 pm on Friday to discover that the king accommodations we reserved in the hotel proper were not available, due to service problems. So they gave us a villa (a condo with a queen-sized bed, sofa and dinette set and partial kitchenette). HUGE bathroom with whirlpool tub and full-sized shower. Gigantic walk-in closet with plenty of room to stow your baggage. Very nice - I was quite pleased.

We visited the Mount Airy Casino on Saturday morning, did some shopping at the Outlet stores in Tannersville and did some sightseeing. It was a great weekend.

On the way home we stopped at the Delaware Water Gap Scenic stop. My husband pointed out the area where he and his dive shop friends were scuba diving in the Delaware. It was a lovely view there.

I think that I wouldn't mind staying at this resort again. I also would plan another mystery weekend. It was nice to get away.

I picked up a crochet book while on my trip - a book with 15 patterns for crocheted purses and bags of varying sorts. I will offer it as a prize to someone who takes the time to post a comment. I will choose a random winner on September 13. Consider it a little "thank you" for reading my little blog!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Hours Until The "Mystery Weekend"

I've been packing the car and getting ready to leave for...Oops! Almost let it slip! We'll be on the road when my husband gets home from work this evening.

It was another hectic afternoon. DS Tom and I chased the min pin up and down the street again! The dog slipped out the side door while I was on my way out with some items for the trip, and off he went! Up and down the street - both sides - at least 5 times! I was half tempted to just sit on the front step and wait for him to tire himself out, but I am just afraid he'll get hit by a car. We live on a street that people like to use as a "cut-through" from one main road to another. They come flying around the corner above us sometimes like a bat out of you-know-where. So up and down the sidewalk I trudged after him, alternating between "Oh, you cute little monkey!" and "Wait'll I get hold of you, you little #!%@^*#!@$!". He did tire himself out eventually and came trotting up to the front door and into the house.

Got to visit with Justin today - my son stopped in with him. I'll miss him this weekend. I'm sure we'll find a gift shop in the area and I certainly have to bring something home for him.

I'd like to thank Beansieleigh for the award on my sidebar! I also want to thank Beansieleigh once again for the great cell phone cozy she sent me. What a great little accessory that is! I have to tell you that before I got it, I would fumble in my purse looking for my phone. I'd pull out inhalers, compacts, mirrors and other items before getting my hands on the phone. Now I've got a nifty little yarn cover for it, and I have no trouble locating the phone now. Thanks, Tina!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can You Believe It's Almost Over?

Summer, I mean. Where did it go? It seems like it paid us a brief visit, as it's mostly been rainy and chilly. In fact, it's like autumn weather out there this morning - I feel like I should take a sweater with me.

It's Thursday and I'm getting ready to leave for work. I am off tomorrow, and will be packing for our surprise getaway weekend tomorrow. DH has been trying to wheedle clues out of me - he still doesn't know where we are going. Tomorrow, he has to work so I will be packing the car - anything to keep him from guessing where we are headed. The street address will go into the GPS and off we go!