Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don't Second-Guess Yourself...

It's the middle of a short week at work! One more day and we'll have another 4-day weekend ahead of us! What a difference in my workday too, now that the "boss from he**" is gone! It was nice and quiet today - most of the people working around me are out through the end of the year.

The picture to the left is the shawl I made for my friend for Christmas (and my son's beagle!). I know she likes yellow, and this was made using a lovely shade of yellow yarn from Bernat. I really loved the look of the skein when I picked it up and thought that this would be the perfect project for it. I let someone talk me out of giving it to her though. I know that some folks have a hard time with wearables made from yellow yarn or fabric - the wrong shade of yellow can sometimes make you look sickly! I asked someone's opinion and the opinion was that it was "too much yellow" to be worn. So I grabbed a skein of green yarn and worked up another shawl. I felt safe with that one, as my friend had seen other items made with this same shade of green yarn and she had admired the color.

I should have stayed with my first thought, though. When my friend heard that the first shawl was yellow, she exclaimed "That's my favorite color!" Live and learn. I still love the color of this one, and if I don't keep it myself, I will probably gift it to my friend for her birthday.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day!

This was a wonderful Christmas holiday! We got together with brothers and sisters and Dad at the home of one of my sisters on Saturday the 22nd. We had a really lovely time, there was plenty of great food and desserts and lots of presents! We followed through on our plans to give our $50 pollyanna funds to one of my brothers. He's going through a rough time, as his wife is trying to take him to the cleaners! We were able to give him $300 to help him out.

My husband played Santa on Christmas Eve for the granddaughters of my best friend. He thought things were going well, but as he was leaving the 4 year old shouted out spontaneously "I believe in you, Santa!" My husband says he'll remember that forever!

My husband received gift certificates for the local scuba diving shop. Our older son got the stereo he wanted, our younger son got the 2 video games he wanted, and I got the Italian language program I asked for.

This is the first year that I haven't been wrapping gifts late Christmas Eve. Or worse yet, shopping late on Christmas Eve. I got finished on time this year. Now that Christmas crochet projects are finished, it's time to think about my next project. My sister mentioned wanting some rosaries for their church bazaar. I should be able to stock up on thread and beads, with the gift certificates I got for AC Moore and JoAnn's! I also got some great pattern books for Christmas. My head is spinning - so many great projects to work on!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Gifts

It's Sunday evening, and I did finish up a few gifts this weekend. I have two hat and scarf sets finished, one pictured here. There's also a baby sized afghan finished that was going to go to Texas to a NICU unit. I missed the mailing deadline. But I'll finish a few more and mail them for delivery in February for Valentine's Day.

I'm not dreading returning to work for a change. It's been three miserable years working with a miserable boss. I am so happy he's gone that if I didn't have a bum knee, I'd do a jig! What a jerk he's been! My whole outlook on life has improved immensely. No more tears on the way to work, knowing what would be ahead of me. No more tears on the way home as a result of the day I had. I'm enjoying my life so much more! Looking forward to our cruise in January! My husband and I will be visiting St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, Barbados and St. Lucia. I've always wanted to see St. Lucia - I can't wait!

We did a little Christmas shopping today. And my husband and son put the lights up outside. I have to get out to see how they look.