Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30th - Home from Vacation

We arrived home from North Carolina on Wednesday. I've been having trouble with my knee all week. When I returned to work on Thursday, I was limping badly. My knee was swollen immensely! I went to the doctor today and got an injection in my knee and the news that it's ready for replacement. Not a surprise, as I already had one knee replacement and won't mind having this one done. However, I think I will wait until next year. The doctor said there is no rush, unless I have these flareups often during the year. He feels it was too much walking on the sand, which is hard on your knees anyway. I thought it was just too much walking, period!

While on vacation, I finished my round ripple afghan intended as a baby gift to be presented by my brother to a friend he works with.

It turned out really nicely, with a reverse single crochet border.

Back to vacation - I truly enjoyed visiting the Outer Banks - a lovely place! More photos...

Looking forward to a comfortable weekend at home, crocheting!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day in Nags Head, NC

On a lark, Wayne and I decided to take a long weekend trip somewhere. We wavered - back to the Florida Keys, where we had such a nice stay earlier this year? The 1000 Islands? We decided on heading south to Nags Head, NC. We've never been here, but would come back again in a heartbeat. We drove down on Sunday and checked into the hotel, right on the beach. I love hearing the ocean in the background! The weather is perfect. We spent some time exploring the area, visiting the Bodie Island Lighthouse. I've never seen a lighthouse up close, and I was impressed. We arrived after it had closed to the public.

We stopped to see the Wright Brothers National Memorial as well. I could almost feel the exhilaration the brothers experienced, viewing the markers of their initial flights! I especially appreciated the fact that next to their memorial is a small airport! In this photo you can see the marker from their initial takeoff point. I hope you can view the small plane in the sky opposite the marker. I loved it - history and modern times in one photo.

We spent time on the beach. Had a wonderful dinner on Sunday night at Penguin Isle restaurant. The crab bisque was the best I've ever tasted.

I'm not sure what our plans are for today, but Wayne is hoping to be able to do a beach dive today. I sure hope he can do that - he loves scuba! I'll be sad to leave on Wednesday. The people here are very nice and friendly.

On a crochet note, I hope to work on the little afghan I've been designing. I brought my supplies with me, but haven't had a chance to work with them yet. Too much to do and see. Perhaps when Wayne goes diving...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Boss' Baby Shower

The baby shower at the office for the new boss was a success. He got a nice selection of gifts. I think he was surprised. The cake we ordered was very pretty and tasty, too. The baby sweater and hat were a hit with everyone, I think.

The sweater set turned out very pretty - light peach with a darker shade of ribbon accent. The pattern called for flowers attached to the sweater and hat, but I thought it was beautiful without them. I've made this pattern several times before, with the flowers. For some reason, this time I thought it looked better without them. There is a little beret that goes with it. I wish I had taken photos before wrapping them up, but I was a bit rushed for time. Now to get back to my earlier projects.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Busy Month

It's been a busy month - I have a new boss at work. I'm hoping that this goes a lot better than the last one did. The director wants to be sure I tell him if things aren't going well. If it doesn't, I sure hope he listens to me this time, instead of brushing me off like the last time.

The new boss seems like a very nice person - but I can't tell if he is genuinely upbeat 100% of the time, or if he's really trying hard! He has a joke for every occasion. If I ask him if he needs anything at the start of the day, he says "A million dollars!" I wish I could relax completely, but once bitten, twice shy. I've always been reserved, but even more so now. I'm afraid I'll come off as a real stick-in-the-mud, with no sense of humor. That is so untrue. I've always thought I have a great sense of humor. I'm just leery with all I've been through.

We're supposed to meet at my Dad's today. I honestly don't feel that I'm up to it. I don't know what's wrong with me - I'm feeling a little blue today. I miss my dad. I can't believe that he was ill, and gone so quickly.

I hope to get a little crocheting done this weekend. I was asked to organize a baby shower for the new boss and have a baby sweater to make for him and his wife. They are expecting a girl, so I'm making it in a pale peach color. Photos to follow when it's finished.

I'm so glad the spring is here, and that summer will be here soon! I planted pansies in front of the house, and would like to add more, but I'll wait. We're going to have windows installed in June and the workmen will be stepping in and out of the flowerbed. I'd rather have a few pansies trampled than all of them. My older son got me a rosebush for Mother's Day and some of the buds are beginning to open. They are so pretty! I also have a pretty red geranium from my younger son! I was surprised by both of the boys. The younger one walked to the store to buy something for me. What good boys! I love them dearly.