Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Just attaching a photo of my nativity set - I did put it up this year - not on the window sill as planned, but inside the stable which was at my Dad's house. It's really not big enough for the figures I have. At least, the spot I have it sitting in is not big enough.

I'm about to head out to the store for some last minute munchies for this evening. My DH is not home - he has gone hunting this weekend, and so will be spending New Year's Eve with his sister. He's not the party type and is usually asleep by 10PM.

I have to give the kids a call to see how little Justin is. He's been under the weather since Christmas with an ear infection.

Have you all made your resolutions yet? I have - to be stronger and to try not to let others make me feel inferior. To take off some excess weight. To be healthier overall, including swimming at the YMCA.

By the way - "Santa" brought me a gift certificate for an introductory flying lesson! I've been wanting to try that for a long time now. A couple of people have laughed cynically when I told them I was going to do this, but boo on them! If they can teach a pre-teen to fly a plane, I'm sure I can learn.

We had a little bit of snow this morning - just enough to make it look like a Christmas card. It's already melting. Hope you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve, and a prosperous new year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All! Happy Holidays!

Good morning, everyone. A happy and blessed Christmas to you all. Be sure to take the time to relax, enjoy time with your loved ones, and remember the reason for the season!

We are spending time with my brother, who lives alone, and I'm so happy that he was able to come to see us. We are also awaiting the arrival of my son and daughter-in-law and baby Justin. I'm afraid we spoiled him terribly. I know that his mother's family also did the same. He received a lot of toys, from what I understand. We purchased a few for him, but I did buy him some footed pjs and overall sets. And lots of books for his mom and dad to read to him.

Can't wait to see him! I'll update later with some photos or videos.

I just realized what a strange looking Santa this is on my background. He's not staying long! I'll be updating that again for the New Year - soon! LOL!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 2009 Snowstorm

Well, Philadelphia took the brunt of the storm. We had about a foot of snow fall here in our neighborhood. I have to say it was pretty. Driving wasn't too bad either. At the start of the snow season, the road crews pretty much stay on top of everything. It's when the snowstorms keep coming and the winter drags out that they soon start rationing their salt and counting their overtime, and some roads are left undone.

This photo is from our neighborhood:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We are waiting to see what we actually end up with, but I've heard snowfall forecasts ranging from 6 inches plus, to 10-20 inches of snow. The more, the merrier I say. At least for this snowfall. After a while, snow gets wearisome. The only thing that would have made this better is if it had fallen on a Sunday night into Monday. Hoping for a white Christmas too - I hear there is another storm coming later this week.

They've just updated the snowfall totals on the news. We are in a band forecast to get 12-18 inches of snow! Yippee! I'll give credit to our local meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz - last night he jumped right in forecasting 10-20 inches of snow, whereas everyone else was hedging their bets with 6+ inches. Calling it as he sees it must have something to do with that bow tie he wears!

I'm going to spend the day wrapping (always a last minute struggle before), making my list and checking it twice (to make sure I didn't miss anyone), and just generally taking this snow as a sign to sloooooooow down! DS Dan and Nicole want to do some shopping today, hoping the stores won't be too crowded. So Dan will pick me up and drive me over to their place to watch Justin. Another bonus!

Well, gotta go make breakfast for DS Tom. I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm making him pancakes.

Have a great day, everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

13 Days And Counting

It's getting closer to Christmas - I am anticipating it for the first time in quite a while. I went shopping yesterday to purchase indoor decorations for my home and it's probably been more than 15 years since I did that.

Wayne called from the Bahamas. He's been on his liveaboard scuba diving trip and loving every minute of it. During one call in the middle of the week, he sounded very very tired. He said he's dived with sharks, mantas and even saw an octopus. I'll be glad to see him when he arrives safe and sound this evening.

It's early in the morning, the heater has been acting up, and I turned the oven on to add a bit of heat to the kitchen. I figured I might as well add a batch of cookies to it, and put it to good use.

I'm also in the midst of two loads of laundry - one in the washer and one in the dryer. I'd like to duck out to Kohls sometime today and look for a couple of cute pillow to dress up the living room.

Off to tackle a couple of other projects - but before I go, I'll share a photo of grandson Justin with Santa Claus.