Friday, December 21, 2012

Recent Events

I haven’t posted in a long time.  Been busy making Christmas gifts – photos of which I will post after Christmas.  The past week I’ve spent being angry at a system in which a mentally disturbed person can get their hands on a legally-purchased semi-automatic military style weapon and end the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in an elementary school for a reason apparent to no one except the killer.  I don’t use the term “suspected shooter” as the media does.  He was a killer.  In addition to the school teachers and their pupils, he also killed his mother, the owner of the legal rifle.

In my rantings and ravings against the sale of the above-mentioned weapons, I’ve upset family members with other thoughts on the subject.  For that, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for the distance between us now, not for my opinion.  They are entitled to their opinions as well.  You start off posting your thoughts on the subject, you receive a response in opposition to your opinion and you answer it.  Suddenly, it’s escalated to a point where neither of you wants to see the other in print again.  For that, I grieve.  Perhaps the best thing to do is to ignore a post that you don’t agree with - social media is for people to share what’s important to them.  If you don’t agree with it, ignore it.  I promise to do my best to do this in the future.

The news in the last week has driven me into a deep depression like I haven’t experienced in a while.  Today – I feel somewhat rejuvenated.  I attended the holiday recital at my grandson’s preschool.  They were a chorus of angels.  I found myself smiling again.

The lost children of Newtown CT and their families deserve our prayers and shouldn’t stray far from our hearts.  But our children and grandchildren, full of life, should be in the forefront.  They should be hugged and squeezed, have attention lavished upon them and should be appreciated for the joy they carry within and they joy they share with us.