Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday and a New Crochet Project

It still fairly early on Saturday morning, and I've been awake for hours. The dogs woke me early looking for breakfast. Greedy boys! Anyway, once their bowls were filled (not too much - they're all on diets!), they were content again. I could hear the rain coming down very early this morning. It sounds like it was a pretty good steady rain. We really needed it. The leaves have been turning on some of the trees in the area due to the lack of rain. Not pretty colors, just brown. Lawns are turning brown, too. I hope this rain will help.

I started a baby's sweater yesterday. Dan brought me some of my pattern books from my stash and I found an old favorite with patterns for baby sweaters from worsted weight yarn. Worsted weight will always be my favorite yarn to work with. I've been using either Red Heart or Caron One Pound skeins. I've discovered that the Red Heart washes, dries and softens beautifully. Kathryn in California received the hats and blankets I sent for the NICU and she commented on the softness of the items. I sure hope that some little children in need, and their parents, will find comfort in these items.

The baby's sweater will be done with Caron's One Pound in green and white. Here's a photo:

I'm 10 rows into it. I'll post some photos when it's finished.

Tom and I are on our own most of the day as DH Wayne is on a scuba trip this weekend. DS Dan is working most of the day. I'm feeling a little better now that my lower back is easing up on me. No real plans for the day, except to work on the sweater a bit more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hexagon Afghan Pattern, on a Tuesday Afternoon

This morning was a physical therapy appointment. Unfortunately, the sore back is keeping me from doing all of the exercises required to strengthen my knee.

I have had a prescription filled for muscle relaxers and I hope that clears up the back problem.

Tom started back to school yesterday. I'm concerned about how he's going to be getting back and forth to the train station for school, as I'm still not driving.

Brandi's afghan is finished. It turned out nicely, I think. I tried an idea for a different border on it, and I really like the way it looks. I hope she likes it. Now I have time to start a new project. Not sure what I'll make yet - lots of possibilities.

Below are the directions for making the basic hexagon afghan. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Hexagon Afghan

I used a J hook and worsted weight yarn.

Chain 6, join with slip stitch to make a circle

Round 1 – chain 5 (this will be first dc and chain 2 space), dc in ring, dc again in ring, *dc, ch 2, dc in ring, dc again in ring, repeat from * 4 more times to make 18 dc and 6 ch-2 spaces, slip stitch in 3rd chain of ch 5 at the beginning to join
Round 2 - slip stitch into chain 2 space, chain 5, dc in same space, dc in each of next 3 dc, *(dc, ch 2, dc) in next chain 2 space, dc in each dc to next chain 2 space, repeat from * around to beginning chain 5, sl st in 3rd ch to join – there will be 5 dc on each of the 6 sides
Round 3 - slip stitch into chain 2 space, chain 5, dc in same space, dc in each dc to next ch 2 space, *(dc, ch 2, dc) in next chain 2 space, dc in each dc to next chain 2 space, repeat from * around to beginning chain 5, sl st in 3rd ch to join – there will be 7 dc on each of the 6 sides

Continue this pattern by repeating round 3 to the size needed for your afghan. You will be adding 2 stitches to each of the six sides with every row.

When you have enough rounds to make your afghan of sufficient size, your next to the last round will be the first part of your border. Slip stitch into the first chain 2 space, (ch 4, dc, ch 1, dc) in the ch 2 space, *ch1, skip first dc, dc in next dc, ch1, skip next dc, dc in next dc across to next ch 2 space (you will be skipping the last dc before the ch 2 space. (Dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) into ch 2 space, and repeat from * around to the beginning, joining in 3rd chain of beginning ch 4. Finish off.

With contrasting color, you will join with sc in first ch 1 space in the corner, sc in dc, sc in next ch 1 space, sc in next dc, *dc in skipped dc in the previous round, keeping the stitch BEHIND the ch 1, then sc in next dc, and repeat from * to next corner. You will sc in each ch 1 space and each dc in the corners. On the sides you will have sc in the dc stitches and dc stitches in skipped dc, keeping the stitches behind the ch 1 stitch. Follow the pattern of sc and dc around to the beginning sc, join and finish off. Weave in the ends.

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to make afghans using this pattern, but do not sell the pattern. You may not sell the finished items from the pattern using any online venue, or in any other large-scale selling venue. Thanks!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It's a beautiful day outside. I wish I could get out to take advantage of it. As it is, I'm cursing my lower back again. I'm doing okay so far with my knee replacement, progressing as expected. My back went out on me the other day and I'm finding myself in spasms occasionally. Oh, getting older is a pain! LOL! The dogs especially love jumping up on my lap, which doesn't help the situation, especially when the overweight beagle makes his landing. He pounces directly on my midsection, causing me to bend in half like a foldaway cot. Ouch!

I just received my latest issue of Crochet World magazine, and I'm anxious to check out what is new. I've abandoned my plans to complete a gingerbread house at this time, which I had selected as the Crochetville Greek Games project. I was seriously sidetracked when I found out I will be a grandmother and I've been making afghans and looking at baby patterns. I need to pack a box of preemie hats and afghans and mail them to Kathryn from Crochetville to send to the NICU for Christmas. I've sorted out some of my stash and sent yarn to my sister, who crafts for her church. I've also passed some of the overflow yarns to my friend, who lost all of her homemade afghans in a fire. Luckily, it was only material possessions that they lost in the fire. I was happy to share my bounty with her. Needless to say, my husband was happy to see some of the yarn leaving the attic!

I've added a couple of goodies to the blog. See the right hand column for some fun crosswords. They will change daily, so visit often!

Well, back to work on my little lapghan for Brandi at work. I'll post a photo when it's finished.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Evening News

My son and his girlfriend had their baby's ultrasound appointment today. It is a boy! The blue and white afghan I made was the right choice. I asked if they are discussing names yet, and Dan said they are, but didn't fill me in on any of their ideas. I remember how excited I was when we were expecting Dan. I leafed through baby name books, trying out all sorts of first and middle name combinations. I almost named him Chad. I am very happy for Dan and Nicole, and excited to have a new little one in the family. We can't wait!

I got a call from someone at work today. She was calling to let me know that she is resigning, and her last day will be in two weeks. I'm saddened to hear that she is leaving. She has been kind and supportive to me since she started working for the company, and I felt as though she understood some of what I went through while working for the previous boss - a waking nightmare. I feel like I'm going to be back on a shaky foundation again when I return to work, and my only ally will be gone. I must remember to send her a thank you note for her kindness, and wish her the best of luck in her new position.

My younger son Tom helped me out quite a bit today, walking all the way to the drugstore and back for me and helping to make dinner. He's a good kid - I'm lucky to have two good sons. My lower back is giving me a lot of problems in the last two days and I needed 30 minutes to figure out a way to roll out of bed this morning. Yikes! I'm a little more comfortable right now, and have been applying heat occasionally to my back and it seems to be helping.

The three dogs are anxiously awaiting Wayne's arrival home. They sure love him!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Grange Fair Results

My son brought home my projects from the grange fair. I'm happy to say I won two blue ribbons this year, out of the three projects entered. The ribbon winners were both projects of my own design, too! The child's poncho and the blue keyhole scarf - photos included here. I was pleased that, even though the afghan didn't win a ribbon, there was a very nice comment on the back of the entry card attached to it, saying that the afghan was well made and uniform, with nice even stitches. I am very proud of the afghan, currently listed on Etsy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11

Today, Wayne and Tom dropped off my grange fair entries for me. I had an afghan, a scarf and a child's poncho and hat set. I also had several baby afghans in the storage container with these, along with some preemie hats. I think I'll contact someone on Crochetville who donates these items to a neonatal unit and send what I have to her to donate on my behalf.

I'm about two-thirds of the way through the girl's afghan I'd started for my son and his girlfriend. They should be finding out next week through an ultrasound whether they are expecting a boy or girl.

My sister sent me some home-grown tomatoes. Yum! I miss my garden this year. We usually have a few tomato plants and some peppers and things in a small plot at the top of the hill behind the house, but didn't get one together this year. Maybe next year.

Friday, August 8, 2008


A nice quiet Friday evening, just the way I like them. We had a little rain. I love the sound of a nice even rainfall - so soothing. I am looking forward to the weekend, as I hope to have a visit from some of my brothers and sisters. I'm getting cabin fever. No driving for me for the next month yet.

I'm working on a baby afghan, another round ripple, in shades of pink. I hope it turns out nicely.

It's almost grange fair time again - where does the time go? I have some projects ready for it, and need to have someone go into the attic to bring them down. I worked on some items this past winter just for the fair. I'll have to ask someone to drop my entries off for me, I guess. This will be the 16th year for fair entries for me. I really enjoy looking for new projects each year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Afghan Update

I've finished the baby afghan I started the other day - with the exception of weaving in a few ends. It turned out nicely. My son and his girlfriend will find out at her ultrasound visit whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. I'm thinking boy. But I'll make a pink afghan as well, so that we're prepared! Whichever one I don't need, I'll donate to a hospital.

Wayne is at the dive shop for a class tonight. He will be studying to become an assistant instructor. He really enjoys working with the students as a divemaster and would like to be more involved in teaching. I'm glad he found his passion for diving. I'm hoping to get the chance to follow my dream, which is to learn to fly a plane some day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Addition to the Family!

My son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in January! He and his girl are very happy, and I'm already making a baby afghan! How exciting! This will be the first grandchild for my husband and me.

I think I'm still a little in shock. It's hard to believe that my firstborn will be a father soon.

I'm thinking a boy already. I picked out the yarn for the baby afghan, white and variegated shades of blue. I'll make a pink one as well, just in case...