Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joining in "Thousand Words Thursday"

Cheaper Than Therapy

A Thousand Words Thursday - check out the link above. The Mom Jen encourages everyone to post a photo that is worth a thousand words every Thursday.

This is mine today: My firstborn son with his firstborn son.

It's been a rainy week - right now we are enjoying a bit of late afternoon sunshine. The ground is saturated and there are puddles everywhere! I went up to check the garden. The tomatoes and peppers seem to be pretty good so far. My husband will be spreading lawn cuttings in between the rows to mulch the plants. I've never grown potatoes before in a home garden, so I'm not sure if this is what the potato should look like when it starts to grow, or if this one needs to be covered up a bit.

I have a flat of white (rather, cream-colored) marigolds coming tomorrow. They'll be nice to plant between the petunias in front of the house, or I'll plant them in a circle around the stump left behind when we took the crabapple tree down.

Rain again tomorrow and Saturday, and Sunday will be a lovely day! I hope to see my son Dan, his girlfriend Nicole, and the baby. Looking forward to spending time with all of my family. I don't even need to go out to dinner.

I stopped at AC Moore, and with my 50% off coupon, purchased a large skein of cotton yarn to make more kitchen items.


  1. What a sweet picture!!! Your firstborn with his firstborn. ;)

  2. Love the pics and I am not sure about the potatoes. Maybe you could sacrifice one and dig it up to see how far down the potato actually is. Good luck!

  3. Just popped over from crochetville following your post on the blog list. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild!
    (Nemomum on crochetville)

  4. I would plant potatoe deeper or cover with earth .

    Certainly do not eat at that stage its not ready yet when green .