Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Scarf Giveaway - Contest Open Until 2/28/13

I am offering a spring scarf to two lucky winners.  In order to take a chance on winning one of these scarves, just comment on this post stating you would like to take part in the contest.  On February 28, I will pull the names of 2 of the commenters, and the first winner will take the multi-colored scarf and the second name will take the pink.  Or, I may offer the first name pulled to choose the color they want, and the second name pulled will receive the remaining scarf.  On 2/28, I will announce the names - check back to see if your name appears.  If so, I will contact you, or if I'm not able to reach you, you may contact me through my blog.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Here are photos of the scarves:

Promised Photos

Here are the photos of some of the baby blankets I completed and my grandson's angry bird hat.  I've been having a blast crocheting.  I've missed it terribly.  I currently have two more blankets almost ready.  1 purple and white and 1 blue and white.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crocheting and Loving It

I am enjoying my crochet time - haven't been able to do this in a long time.  I've finished 4 infant blankets.  2 of those are meant for a friend who had premature twins.  The little girls are doing fine so far.  I also made 2 sets of hats for them as well.

For the NICU, I have 2 blankets finished, along with a hat.  Pictures to follow.

Friday, February 15, 2013

10 Days Post-Op

10 days out and I've lost 8 pounds.  I don't go back to see the doctor for another 4 weeks now.  Incisions are all healing nicely.  I will be out of work for at least 6 weeks.  It will all be a  matter of getting used to eating again.  At this point, I am on a full liquid diet and trying to get 60 grams of protein in each day, along with 64 oz of water/fluid.  It's not easy.

I've been spending my off time crocheting.  I currently have 2 preemie hats and am working on the second preemie blanket for a friend who had 2 baby girls very early.  The babies are doing well, and I hope that they continue to improve day by day.  The second afghan should be finished tomorrow, at which time I will wash them all and pack them up for shipment.  Photos to follow.  I don't have my camera handy and my cell phone doesn't take good photos, or I would take a couple of pics now.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A New Journey

I've just gotten out of the hospital.  I had a gastric bypass done.  10 years ago I had a lapband put in in an effort to help control my weight.  I did quite well with it until my depression took on a life of its own working for "the boss from hell".  The lapband led to problems with acid reflux and GERD and possible Barrett's Esophagus.

After consulting with a gastrointestinal specialist for all these years, he decided that since medications weren't helping me anymore, perhaps I should consult another bariatric surgeon to have the band removed.

The wonderful bariatric surgeon was able to not only get approval to remove the band, but to convert my surgery to a bypass.

Now begins a new life again - one in which I picture myself healthier and able to spend constructive time with my grandson (and future grandchildren).

Wish me luck!