Friday, December 31, 2010

Is It Too Late For Another Ornament Pattern?

Hope it's not too late for another ornament pattern. I've been making these and having a lot of fun with them - different color combinations, etc. I'm getting a jump on next year - I love handmade ornaments.

This one is easy. You can use worsted weight yarn, and it doesn't take much at all to make one. The finished ornament will be 4-5 inches tall, depending on the number of starting chains and the size hook that you use. I used a G hook and chained 31. You will work into the chain on the opposite side, instead of inserting your hook under the top two strands of the chain. Work into the third strand on the back. Sc into the second chain from the hook and in each chain across, for a total of 30 sc. Finish off, leaving a loose end (you'll work this into the fringe). This is the right side of the work, and you'll keep the right side facing you. Attach your second color with a sc in the first sc, leaving an end that you'll work into the fringe. Sc in each sc across, and finish off, again leaving a loose end. Use your first color again, or you can use a third color if you wish, and attach with a sc in the first sc, right side facing. Sc in each stitch across. Finish off at the end of the third row. You can attach fringe in any way you wish, picking up your loose ends and adding them into the fringe. I used two strands and added them to the end of each row, pulling the loose ends through with the strands, on the yellow and white scarf. On the blue and white scarf, I used 5 strands, tied them in the center, and using a yarn needle, pulled the long strand used to tie the other strands through the end of the scarf from side to side and scrunching it up a bit. Tie the strands to the end of the scarf, pull the long strands down into the fringe, tie another short strand around the fringe to make a puffy "ball", and trim all ends to the same size. I hope this makes sense. You can cross the scarf in the center and tie it with a small bow, or you may wish to attach a flower or some other decorative item to hold the scarf together in the center. Add a hanger at the top of the scarf.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Tuesday, Isn't It?

Today is Tuesday, according to the calendar. However, it's my Monday and my Thursday. HUH? I didn't go in to work yesterday because of the snow. And it's a short week because of the holiday, so having worked today as the first day of my week, it's my Monday. And because tomorrow is the last day of the work week because of the upcoming holidays, it's also my Thursday today. So it's Montuethursday. Have I confused you? Welcome to the club!

This past weekend, because of the snow, my brothers and sisters weren't able to get together for our Christmas celebration. We have to set another date. In the meantime, I'm still making ornaments! I'm having so much fun crocheting ornaments that I want to be sure I have enough for myself. They are really cute and I wish that I could show you, but my family hasn't received theirs yet and I want them to be a surprise. So I will definitely post photos after we exchange gifts with each other.

Now that we've had our snow, I would like to see it go away now.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All


Hoping that everyone has a wonderful Christmas with many blessings. Here is a photo of our blessing, grandson Justin, on Christmas morning.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a "Red Coat" Day

Let me explain the title. Last year at Kohls, I went coat shopping. Searched the racks until I came across a certain coat. It fit well, it was very warm and comfy and I had my choice of colors. Could have purchased a blue one, might have selected a green one, even had the option of choosing a tan one. But nooooooooo - my hand was drawn to the red one. I had second and third thoughts as I made my way to the counter with it. Too late - whipped out the charge card and this red beauty was mine!

The red coat has been on standby ever since the winter cold arrived. Instead I duck out the door in a homemade sweater coat, or a quilted lightweight jacket and head to work or the store. I tell myself that it isn't that far from the door to the car and I can stand the shivering and shaking until the car warms up to make the trip. Then it's just a little fast shuffle to the store, or work, or wherever.

But today it is blustery. The winds are whipping and I can hear garbage cans rolling down the road. Empty garbage cans, which is sad because the trash hasn't been collected yet. I'm not sure where the contents of the cans are at this moment. Not on my lawn, I hope. It's so cold out that the min pin pretty much did his business as he ran out, turned and ran back in again. My business, however, is to head to the post office with a box of gifts for my sister and her children. So I will don my warmest and most unflattering coat - makes me look like Santa (OK - I said it).

It reminds me of the episode years ago when a coworker offered me a lovely sweatsuit her daughter purchased. It was never worn and her daughter decided she didn't want it. It was purchased from Roamans and I had seen it in the catalog. It was very pretty. Not a sweatsuit meant for jogging or lifting weights. This one was ivory with gold embroidery trim, and perfect for a day at the mall or a trip about town. It looked beautiful in the catalog. I accepted it, took it home and couldn't wait to try it on. Once on, I couldn't wait to take it off! I looked like Elvis - the fat Elvis! Yikes! This was one outfit never meant to be made in anything over a size 4. No wonder Roaman's uses skinny models to show off their clothes. If they used plus size women to sell their plus size clothes, that outfit never would have left the warehouse - I'm sure of it. Anyway, the outfit was sent to a charity. I hope it's found a home somewhere. If Elvis is still around - tell him to search the thrift stores. If he finds it, he'll love it!

My goal today is to pack up the gift bags for my brothers and sisters. I'd better get started.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still Working On Christmas Gifts

I have been busy - I came up with an idea in my dreams last night. I dreamed I was making more Christmas ornaments. I guess that means I've been making too many, huh?
Anyway, this morning I sat down with red, yellow and white worsted weight yarn, and based on the sushi roll design, I fashioned a Christmas drum ornament. Here is the pattern:

You will need worsted weight yarn, as I mentioned earlier, and a size G crochet hook. You can use any three colors you wish. Gauge isn't really that important, because you can make adjustments to the number of rows as needed.

Start with white yarn and make 6 chains, single crochet into the second chain from the hook and in each chain across to make 5 stitches, ch 1 and turn. SC into each ch across, ch 1 and turn - make a total of 22 rows, changing to red yarn in the last st, ch 1 and turn. Repeat with the red yarn to make a total of 14 rows of red. Weave in the loose ends of yarn as you go along. (Please be aware that you may need to adjust your row counts - you will be forming the drum by rolling up the piece fairly tightly, starting with row 1. You may need to make more or fewer rows of red, based on how tightly you roll the drum.) Finish off the red, leaving a long end for sewing and for part of the cord for hanging the ornament. Sew together so that the ends blend smoothly, once you roll the piece and see that your red section touches but doesn't overlap. If the end is long enough, you can run a stitch or two loosely in one side of the drum and out the other side, and back again. Make sure that these stitches are not tight enough to cause a "dimple" in either side of the drum.) This will help to hold the drum together. I rolled the drum fairly tight, so I personally did not run stitches in and out.

Starting at the place where you finished off sewing and leaving a long starting end, join with a single crochet, and sc around the top of the drum, evenly spaced. On my example piece, I had used 16 stitches. You may have more or less, again based on how tightly you've rolled the drum. Do the same on the other end of the drum. Tie a knot in the two loose ends at the top of the drum, and you have your loop for hanging the drum on the tree. Weave in the remaining loose ends.

Using a long piece of yellow yarn and starting at the top of the drum directly across from the loop you made to hang the ornament, weave the yellow through the front bar in your sc at the top of the drum and then through the front bar of a sc at the bottom of the drum, staggering the weaving as shown in the photo. End the weaving where you started and tie the two ends into a bow, trimming to size needed.
Your ornament is now finished and ready for hanging on the tree! Enjoy!

You may make these ornaments for your own use, make as gifts or sell at Christmas bazaars or craft shows. I just ask that you not sell these ornaments on any online venue. Please do not post the pattern anywhere else, or sell this pattern in any way, shape or form.

Copyright Jeanne Stewart 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday - 20 Days 'Til Christmas

I have 6 gifts completed and one nearly finished. I have lots of time (???) to keep going. Here is the latest finished project - for my boss. She is very sweet and introduced me to sushi for lunch by sharing her lunch with me one day. So I made these for her. I hope she doesn't mind hanging sushi on the tree. If she thinks they are too weird for the Christmas tree, she can set them on a knick-knack shelf, if she has one. I'm the kind of person who likes all kinds of handmade ornaments, so I would like these. I hope she does too. I think I will also make one of my personal designs - a Christmas mouse - just in case she doesn't want sushi on her tree. What do you think? A back-up gift just in case?