Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Very Nice Weekend

It's been a great weekend so far. Yesterday morning, I woke early and took some of my accumulated "treasures" outside and set up a yard sale. My brother Mike joined me with a few of his things. Sales were slow, but I did make a little money by selling 2 bikes we had here. Several years ago, after my weight loss surgery, I decided to try bike-riding to help keep in shape. I remember telling my husband that I was buying a cheap bike, just in case "it ends up at a yard sale". Bike riding was never my thing. Well, my bike and my son's bike went to a gentleman who was fixing up bikes for a youth group. I'm glad it went to a good cause. The remainder of my unsold goods will be donated to a thrift store.

Yesterday was the Harry Kalas memorial service at the ball park in Philadelphia. I arrived home from running errands in time to view the service on TV, and it was so touching that I was moved to tears. Okay - I cried like a baby when past and present team members, team management, and special friends of Harry all lined up at the end of the service, and from man to man, they passed Harry's casket along the line to escort him from the stadium. As they played "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", every man he touched was there to see him off, and then the last 8 men in line carried his casket to the waiting hearse.

Even my husband said how much he was affected by the death of Harry Kalas. The man was a class act, and a genuinely nice person. Everyone who eulogized him was really missing him - you could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. My own personal experience was hearing his voice at each and every Phillies game I watched. He used to work several TV innings and then do radio broadcasts. Most of my Phillies experience was TV-related, so I looked forward to the innings when Harry and his partner Richie Ashburn did the TV commentary. What a team they were! Very down-to-earth and easy to listen to. My sons, when they were infants, didn't sleep at night. The boys and I would sit up at 2-3 am and watch Phillies game replays on TV. I will always remember those nights with my boys. I felt so close to them as I rocked my babies and watched the ball game.

My husband is diving at Dutch Springs this morning. He had a friend pick him up early, and off they went for the day. I hope he has a fun and safe day today.

My "angry crocheting" sweater (see earlier post "Brutus and the Rainy Day") is undergoing changes. I decided to do a different stitch than the half-double crochet I had started. I'm now doing an alternate sc/dc for a more attractive look, so I'm frogging the old as I crochet the new. It's going to take more yarn to finish now than I had originally planned, so it may become a vest or it may even become a baby blanket. It depends on how I feel about it as it gets larger. I'm just worried about making myself a vest and then not liking the way it looks. I don't want to waste the time and effort to make something I won't like. A baby blanket would never be wasted, since it would go to the NICU unit.

I think I'll visit Crochetville this morning. As I was doing some digging for yard sale items, I came across a couple of things that I may be able to RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) to someone. I won't use these items, and I might as well pass them on to someone else who can use them. I love the idea of the RAOK, and the concept of "Pay It Forward". Sometimes I just like to buy an extra cup of coffee at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts in the morning, and offer it to someone when I arrive at work. It's just a fun thing to do.

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  1. Had to giggle about the bike thing! I've never been much of a rider either, but recently got a wild hair & decided to buy an old used one from a guy up the road who fixes & re-sells clunkers. That was 2 week ago - I've been for 1 ride only. I forgot how much it hurts! hehe
    TY! :)