Saturday, April 25, 2009

Glorious Saturday

The weather is beautiful today! It's bright, sunny and warm - very warm. It's supposed to hit the high 80s today and tomorrow. I have all of my doors and windows open, not wanting to turn the air conditioner on yet. It's only April! It's not too warm in here yet so I think we'll stick it out.

I want to make a trip to the grocery store this weekend, and maybe pick up some vegetable plants to put in the garden this spring. DH Wayne has already prepared a little garden plot on top of the hill. I'm thinking I should invest in some low fencing to keep the rabbits out of it. We have more rabbits here in our neighborhood than you would expect. They're cute as a button but they can decimate a garden in no time.

I've been occupying my mind with plans for a garden this summer. I want to put in tomatoes, cabbage, swiss chard, onions, cauliflower or broccoli, and potatoes. I don't know where to buy seed potatoes, though. They say you can start them from grocery store potatoes that have sprouted eyes, but the best results will come from seed potatoes. I'll have to check the internet. My brother gave me one of those upside-down planters for tomatoes. I need to buy a shepherd's hook to hang it on. It will hold two tomato plants, and there are 3 openings on the upper side of it that will hold other plants - flowers or herbs. I have already purchased parsley and chives to plant in it. When the ads come out in the paper tomorrow, I'll check to see who might be running sales on vegetable plants. Home Depot or Lowes might have some on sale, as well as K-Mart.

I contacted Billie, the IMPS representative from whom we adopted Brutus for my father. She was his foster mother for a while. I told her about Brutus' illness and gave her the new vet's info, in case they want to check to make sure he is receiving proper treatment. I love this dog, not just for myself but for the love he gave my dad while my dad had him. The dog never left my dad's side, much as the younger min pin follows me everywhere I go. My dad loved this dog in return, and asked me, while he was hospitalized, to give the dog a good home. He knew he wouldn't be coming out. I really think that Brutus misses my dad terribly. He hasn't attached himself to me in the same way he did to my dad, although Brutus does seem close to my husband. Brutus will climb up on the couch beside me and rest his head on my leg, and stay that way for the longest time. I do hope and pray that this is an infection and that his medication will make him better.

I'm working on the doll blanket that my grand-niece requested. She wants a black blanket with a red heart on it - don't ask me why, but she was specific - black and red. I had some nice soft black yarn in my stash - no label on it though, so I don't know what kind it was. One skein should be sufficient for a doll blanket. I'm pretty sure I have red yarn on hand too. I hope to finish the blanket this evening, and will post a photo when it's done.

I'm making progress on the celery green blanket too. I did find a nice light yellow yarn, also in my stash, for a border.

New photo of my little grandson Justin:

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  1. Sweetie pie! I love his little face on top of that bib!