Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday and a New Crocheted Dress for Barbie

I've been having some fun making Barbie outfits. I put together an evening gown, in the same glittery yarn as the previous one - light lavender this time. It's not perfect - the dress is a little big in the bust. I'm going to see if there is anything I can do to fix it. But it turned out just fine, I think. This pattern will take some time to write out, as I'll probably be making a few little adjustments to it.

It's been a rainy Monday and I'm actually glad it was. The drive to work was a downpour one minute and a light drizzle the next. Lots of lightning flashes too. This winter has been very dry and I'm hoping that April really will bring showers - enough to bring us to normal rainfall levels. The grass is getting nice and green.

I got to babysit for Justin on Saturday, while his mom and dad went to a movie! What a darling baby! He's getting so big and strong. With his beautiful blue eyes and sweet smile, he just melts your heart! Can you tell I'm crazy about my grandson?

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  1. LOL!! I first saw your post, and thought, "WOW!! She is FAST!!" I'm definitely looking forward to your next pattern! I might even try to whip up one I remember doing when I was just a young girl... designing simple little crochet Barbie clothes
    when shopping for them was out of the question. Thanks for stopping by for a peek. I'm so glad you liked it!.. Oh, and one more thing.. Your grandson is ADORABLE! (o: