Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Arrivals at the Station - in Abstract

Another rainy day - with sleet! I couldn't believe my eyes! I think that at this point, cold weather should be gone, and I definitely should not be sitting in my car, waiting for Tom's train to arrive, watching sleet bounce off the windshield and hood. Ugh! Give me a nice gentle rain on a warm spring day, or even thunderstorms that darken the skies and then flash with lightning. Anything but sleet! The photo above was taken from inside my car when the train arrived at the station. I liked the way the rain ran down the windshield and distorted everything.

Dan's girlfriend Nicole is still in the hospital and may be there until this weekend. I hope she can hold out until she's released - I think she is going stir-crazy and misses her baby terribly!

God, please grant her good health and return her to her loving family - Amen.

DH Wayne won't be doing his swim with the sharks at the aquarium this weekend. Apparently they can't locate the paperwork I faxed over to them. I may have to fax it all again. And since Wayne's already made arrangements to go scuba diving at Dutch Springs on Sunday, he won't be available for a dive, even if they do find his papers. The earliest he'll be able to do it now is mid-May.

I received an e-mail from someone on Ravelry who asked me to share the pattern for the Tigger stuffed animal I made about 7 years ago. She spotted his photo on Ravelry. She received donations of yarn for her project to knit and crochet scarves for veterans, and in the box was a headless Tigger. She wanted the pattern so that she could finish Tigger. I wish I could have helped her, but I respect copyright laws and felt I could not in good conscience photocopy the pattern and send it to her. I did point her in the right direction to locate the pattern book for sale on eBay. I hope that she finds it, and isn't offended that I did not send her the photocopy. Poor Tigger! I might keep her contact info and make some scarves for her project in the future.

In the meantime, I think that, as soon as I finish up my current project, I'll start another round ripple or hexagon afghan for badrhinogillett on Crochetville. She will be collecting afghans for the NICU unit again at her local hospital. One of my favorite charities! My oldest was a NICU baby and look at him today - with a baby of his own! God is great! I still remember the feelings of fear and helplessness we had when he was a patient at St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia. Our son was just one of the many tiny patients in the NICU. If a little afghan or hat, signifying that someone is thinking of them, would bring ease to a couple in need of comforting, it's worth it.

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