Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Beer at Citizens Bank Park...

The Phillies lost the opener! LOL! My dad used to say that all the time. They lost again tonight too. Sure hope things get better soon or there won't be a prayer of repeating the World Series! Gotta love those Phils!

Poor Brutus is limping again. I will have to call the vet and ask for pain medication for him. Poor guy!

Barbie has another new outfit! I can't wait until I see my grand-niece! I'll have 5 different outfits for her. This one is a two-tone dress, paired up with the sweater/jacket I made earlier. And she has a handbag to go with it. This one was worked from the bottom up, and I think that will be the next pattern I write out. It was easier than the evening gown. I made it using Elann Esprit yarn. What a great yarn to work with - perfect for Barbie clothes, as it stretches. You can make the outfits with enough give to go on and off easily. It's a sport-weight yarn and I use an F hook with it.

I've put a couple of other projects on hold to make doll clothes. My experimental sweater and my sweetheart ripple afghan are languishing in the UFO pile. I will get back to them, I promise!

My dear sister and her husband are in Myrtle Beach this week. I hope they are having a wonderful time! I hope it's warmer there than it is here! Brrr! Enough cold weather already - where is the springtime?


  1. Oh I so love the barbie out fits. It's a project I have on the back burner, to do when I have the time.

  2. LOVE these Barbie outfits!! I do envy the Lucky little girl who's getting all these! Nice work! I look forward to more of your Barbie patterns, if you are still sharing them! Have a wonderful weekend!