Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crocheting One Project While Frogging Another

Below is a photo of my current project - I'm undoing the "angry crochet" piece and changing the stitch. As I work on one, I'm unraveling the old and crocheting the new. I do like the new pattern much better, and I've decided on a baby blanket as the final form. I plan to put a yellow border on it - a nice soft yellow might be pretty.

I found a pretty shrug pattern on Crochetville - I definitely have to get back to Joann's or AC Moore for some of that Vanna yarn. I think this would look really nice in some of the great colors I saw in the store.

Not much else new tonight. There are heavy winds and some rain heading this way tonight.

Only two more work days this week - I'm off from work Friday, to get new "spectacles" made. I think my eyes have changed in the last two years. After crocheting a while, everything else looks blurry for a bit afterwards.

Back to NCIS...


  1. Pretty color! I do an awful lot of that "crocheting while unraveling", too!