Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Hate Days Like This

I got off to a questionable start this morning, driving to work on autopilot! After stopping for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, my DS asked me why I was turning into the driveway at the Wawa minimart. I did it just out of habit. My mind was racing with other thoughts today and I hate it when I realize that I’m driving like a robot. I thank God that I dropped my son off at the station and got to work safely.

My thoughts are on Brutus this morning. When he’s gone, I will miss his barking, his bad breath and his “ear-cleaning service”. If you want to make this dog happy, you just let him lick your ears! He’s a sweet thing and I hope he’s not in pain right now. He has been disinterested in his dry dog food for the last couple of days, so I bought a few of those little Beneful meals and gave him some of that. I had to divvy it up with the other two rapscallions to prevent hard feelings though. Brutus is still getting his antibiotic, but I don’t notice any difference in the swelling in his foot. He certainly doesn’t even attempt to use that paw. I want to cry when I see him out back trying to relieve himself. He tries to lift his leg, but can’t balance on two legs, so he gives up and squats to pee. It’s so sad. We have another week’s worth of medication to give him. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some improvement in his foot.

To turn the monologue to crochet matters, I received a request this morning from my sister. Her church holds a craft bazaar to raise funds, and the last bazaar netted the church about $5000. She wants to try to beat that figure at the next fund-raiser and asked all of the brothers and sisters in the family to help out with donations of handmade craft items. Two of my sisters can sew, and she asked me to make some dishcloths or other crocheted kitchen items. Of course, I said yes! I love to crochet and especially love to crochet for such a purpose! She asked for a dozen dishcloths. I will start tonight and see if I can make even more than that. My sister, God bless her heart, takes part in a Wednesday night craft night with several other ladies in the congregation. They work all year long on craft items for the bazaar. I’m so proud of my sister and her friends, and feel honored that she asked me to participate. I'll be searching my stash for some cotton yarn this evening.

I am finished with the green baby blanket – you know, the one that started out as a vest, and then might have been a sweater – my “angry-crocheting” project. I called it that because it was born from a frustrating phone call with an even-more frustrating colleague. I picked up the hook and yarn and just started mindless crocheting in hdc to calm myself. I had about 5 rows finished when I decided that it didn’t look so bad and might make a pretty vest. Then I said “Well, maybe some sleeves and it could be a sweater”. I changed the stitch pattern, crocheting one while frogging the other. In the long run, the NICU won out, and it’s become a blanket for a wee one. With a soft yellow border all the way around it, the blanket reminds me of corn on the cob and warm summer afternoons. I really like the way it turned out. It hasn't been washed yet, which is the reason the roly poly min pin is in the picture. Once it's washed, it goes right into storage until it's time to ship to the NICU.

Well, Thursday is done, and we've got one more work day to survive. Cheers!

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  1. Oh, my heart goes out to little Brutus.. I'll say a prayer for him, and I will keep my fingers crossed that his medication will help him feel better soon. Give him an extra little hug from a friend in Blogland. (0;