Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

The house was permeated with the aroma of bacon this morning. Yum! I took out the last of the Amish farm market bacon and threw it in the pan for breakfast. It was delicious. At the first hint of bacon, my DS Tom rolled out of bed and wandered in to the kitchen. Better than an alarm clock!

Wayne called me last night - his class is going well. The siding guy was here yesterday and he's back today. I'm happy to say that the front of the house is sided (still need the front door framed out) and he's working on the carport area, and putting in a window. I am so pleased with his work so far. Although it's taken quite a while to finish up, I can't fault him for that. We were aware when we hired him that he would be working in his spare time. It's okay. It was a very slow start, but it is so worth it. I told him yesterday that I would recommend him to others. The house looks great!

My DS Dan stopped by today. He seems so much happier now! He put in a mailbox for us, and worked on my husband's truck. I gave him two packages of venison hamburger to take home with him. My "good" hamburger! I was so happy to hear that Wayne had bagged a deer last week. I've been out of good hamburger for so long. Store-bought hamburger is the pits. So much fat! Venison burger is so extremely lean. You need to use Pam or add some sort of fat to the pan to fry it. And tasty!

Well, I accomplished the project I was working on. I wrote down my pattern for the mouse (figurine, ornament, cat toy) that I've been making for years now. I sold a couple of the mice on Etsy and had people ask me for the pattern. It was probably the hardest thing I've done in a while. I've been making them for years, and each one was a little different from the one before. I just crocheted it to look like a mouse. One might have been a little taller than the one before - one a little chunkier than the next... To come up with a pattern for one standard mouse wasn't easy. The pattern is finished and I submitted it to the Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar to consider for publication. I would like to see it accepted. I chose that venue in order to retain the rights to the pattern myself. Submitting it to a crochet magazine or leaflet would mean giving up the rights. I didn't want to do that. I have to mail the actual mouse to the calendar people so that they can photograph it if they choose it for publication. I sent a photo but it may not be good enough. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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