Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh, how I wish my Dad were here to see this! He was such a devoted fan - or should I say "Phan". He followed them through high and low and I'm sure he's been whispering in the manager's ear! Game 5 was certain a strange one, with a 46-hour rain delay. I can't express how happy I am that they were able to win this one at home. Kudos to Jamie Moyer for helping to lift the team to a world championship at the age of 46. Very happy for Pat Burrell, who has had his ups and downs and deserves to feel like a champ! A few firecrackers going off here in the neighborhood - the dogs are going crazy! I couldn't help but cheer myself to see the team members rushing onto the field and jumping into a huge pile of jubilant players. I think Lidge and Ruiz were on the bottom of the pile - I hope they're okay! I'm getting a kick out of the kids they are interviewing - they are so ecstatic! Gotta get a championship shirt!

I was hoping to be able to make a trip to the shore to visit with my sister, but still not feeling up to it yet. That lousy bug has still got a stranglehold on us. Wayne broke down and went to the doctor today for medication. I went to physical therapy again, and really took it easy today, doing just a few stretching exercises and some light bike riding. I'm going to try to get another doctor's appointment for myself. DS Tom is doing okay - no relapses for him so far.

Tom may be taking off from school on Tuesday. This will be his first chance to vote in an election and I think he's very anxious!

The 2009 holiday schedule came out at work - time to start planning next year's time off. We get another bonus day because of the fact that New Year's Day is a Thursday. We get Friday off as well. Next year, I think we'll plan some long weekends, instead of a straight 7 day stretch. With 22 vacation days I'll get more "bang for the buck".

I finished a couple of ornaments while the game was on. Just need to tack down the elf's mouth with a bit of hot glue. I think I might also use larger eyes on the snowman.
I may have to order the eyes online. My favorite stores don't seem to carry any doll eyes except wiggle eyes now. I hate wiggle eyes! Good thing there are places online like for the supplies I need.

Again - WAY TO GO, PHILS!!

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