Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early Saturday Morning

It's an early post today - I just got back from dropping Wayne off at the dive shop this morning. The crew is on their way to Dutch Springs again this morning, where Wayne should be finishing up his assistant instructor course. The dive shop is anxious for him to become certified as an AI so that he can help teach diving to a "seal" class - a group of 8-10 year olds kids who want to scuba dive.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I am so proud of my husband! At 53, he has found a hobby that brings him as much joy in his life as crochet does to mine! He is fascinated by the underwater world and truly enjoys working with students to show them what the scuba experience is like. If you check out the MASC website, that is my DH looking at you in the section labeled Scuba Classes! Isn't he handsome? LOL!

But at last, DH can relate to my everlasting fascination with yarns of different textures and colors, and the desire to take that yarn and fashion it into works of art. Please don't think I'm bragging - I'm not really. I believe it is why they call crochet one of the "needle arts". For anyone to be able to take a skein of yarn and make a hat, a scarf, an afghan or a toy is very much like an artist taking a bit of paint and canvas and producing a masterpiece. Take a look on the internet and see some of the fantastic knitted and crocheted items out there. Here's one: a knitted Ferrari with crocheted trim. Or another:crocheted meerkats! These are truly artistic! Be sure to explore the Roman Sock website extensively. Pure genius! I am but a novice...

I will be working on a project this weekend. If I finish, I will post a photo a little later on.

Time for a little coffee and "Cash in the Attic". Love to see what kind of treasures people find in their houses.

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