Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Nice Sunday Afternoon at Babies R Us

It's Sunday and I can't believe that it's already time to go back to work. I have physical therapy 3 times this week again. I'm trying to get around without my cane as much as possible this weekend, in order to try to strengthen my right leg.

This was a very busy day for us. Wayne and I took a trip to Lowe's early this morning and bought some mums. They had a cartful of them for 69 cents a piece, so I got 10 of them and Wayne planted them for me on the side of the house where the siding is finished. The siding guy was here again today and started on the front. Yay! He really is doing a great job on the siding - it's just taking so long as he's working on the house in his off hours. I can't wait until it's finished.

Wayne also got some lawn work done at my dad's house, and put up a new ceiling fan. He planted my mums while I met DS Dan and Nicole at Babies R Us so that they can register there. I had hoped Nicole's mother would be able to go as well, but she wasn't. I would have liked to have met her. The kids picked out a lot of very nice items for the new baby and put them on their wish list. I also talked Nicole into putting a glider rocker onto her wish list too! I remember how much I enjoyed rocking the boys on the one I had when I was younger. I can't believe how expensive everything is! Holy moley! I told my DH that he and I will have to take on second jobs in order to afford the shower gifts! LOL!

The baby's room will have a jungle theme, and I already know what I want to make for them. I found a pattern on to make a giraffe pillow. I also purchased a pattern on another website for a stuffed leopard and a stuffed lion.

Saturday was a busy day too. I was able to mail out my ornaments to my swap partner yesterday. I want to post a photo, but I will update the blog with a photo once I know she has received them. I hope she likes the package I put together for her. She sent me some nice handmade items, and I wish I had sent her more handmade items in return.

My doctor's appointment on Friday went well, and with some changes to my medication schedule, I actually had a good night last night! Thank you, Lord!

Time to finish up some chores for the evening. I'm working on more ornaments so that I have some to give as Christmas gifts this year.

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