Thursday, October 2, 2008

Husband's in a Quandary This Evening

Poor Wayne. He is taking a course to become an assistant instructor for the dive shop. He is working on a presentation this evening, and is stumped on one of the segments of his lesson plan form. I wish I could help him, but I'm totally lost by this stuff. He's put a call out for help to his instructor, but hasn't heard anything back yet. It's not helping matters that the three mutts are vying for his attention and won't leave him alone.

On a lighter note, the Phillies have won game one of the best of five series against the Brewers. They are playing game two this evening, and the Phils are ahead 5-2 at the seventh inning. I hope they win.

It's Thursday and I've got most of my first week back at work under my belt. It hasn't been too bad. I've gotten back into the normal "rut" and I've taken back some of my tasks that were reassigned during my absence. The HR person who took over from Brandi said she is happy to see me back. I think she was overwhelmed. In my absence, someone accidentally deleted 8 months worth of attendance entries for 20% of our employees. Another employee tried to help fix the error, but the fact of the matter is that about 180 of the employees' entries are still missing, and I've got to clean things up.

I wish I could sleep. My GERD is wreaking havoc at the moment. I see a doctor about that tomorrow morning. I hope they have a solution.

Eighth inning - the Phils are still ahead and they're bringing in a relief pitcher.

My sister and her husband are vacationing in Florida. I envy her. I had a great time when Wayne and I were in the Keys in March. They are in New Smyrna Beach and the condo they're staying in is on a beach where the baby sea turtles are hatching. So they can't go on the beach at night, and have to keep their curtains closed and lights off on the side of the condo facing the beach. It's to keep the baby turtles from becoming confused and heading toward the road instead of the water. She is having a great time, going to yard sales and looking for craft items. She does a lot of crafting for her church. She is part of a group of ladies making items for their Christmas bazaar. Barb makes the loveliest plastic canvas items. It is always a pleasure to receive her handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Speaking of ornaments, I've finished my swap ornaments and I'll mail them out on Saturday. I also picked up a few extra little items to include in the box as well. I hope my swap partner likes them, as they are my absolute favorite ornaments to make. No pictures yet, until I hear that she has received her items. I don't want to ruin the surprise.


Well, I've got some chores to do here. Laundry, and then some crocheting. Guess I'd better get busy!

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