Friday, June 26, 2009


On June 25, 2009, two celebrities passed away – Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Ms. Fawcett’s death was not a surprise, as she suffered for 3 years from anal cancer. Mr. Jackson’s passing at the age of 50 was a shock to all.

After viewing the special aired in May detailing her fight against cancer, I admired Farrah Fawcett’s bravery and hoped that she would beat her illness, but it wasn’t to be. I am glad that she was surrounded at the end by those she loved. I can’t think of any better way to go than in the loving arms of family and friends.

What can I say about Michael Jackson? He was an immensely talented person – I still stop whatever I’m doing to watch his Thriller video. His achievements in music and dance have inspired so many people. There is no one today that I can think of with the talents he possessed. I must admit, though, that I have not been a fan of his for a while. His obsession with plastic surgery and his downward spiral in the last 10 years saddened me greatly. I think he was a deeply troubled man. I am sorry he passed away, but I can only imagine that he is in a better place now, freed from the memories of a troubled childhood, pressures of life and the scrutiny of the media. Those must have been difficult things to deal with.

The transition from this life to the next is most difficult on those left behind. We grieve deeply for those we love and it’s hard to imagine life without them. I pray that their families find comfort in their memories.

May they rest in peace.

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  1. Beautifully made me tear up all over again.

    Farrah's special was on again today and when she said "I don't want to die" it just really hit me and I pray that her last days were filled with much love and joy.

    Michael for sure changed our world for the better with his talent, but I agree that he was a man fighting many emotional demons...I hope his children are well taken care of and that their custody doesn't turn into a 3 ring circus. ;)