Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Things You See When You Don’t Have a Camera…

At work, I fill in for the receptionist when she goes to lunch. I went downstairs on Tuesday to man the phones and looked out the floor-to-ceiling picture windows to admire the view, which wasn’t gray and overcast for a change. There were huge white billowy clouds and patches of bright color showing through. One of these patches of blue was football shaped and directly in the center of it was a perfectly round white cloud! It looked like an eye in the sky! All I had was my cell phone and would never have been able to capture a clear photo of it. I wish I had – it was a sight to see. It was only there a matter of a minute or two before the wind blew the clouds on their way.

Made me think back to another occasion when a camera would have come in handy. I was a kid, living out in the “sticks”, when I noticed the skies had turned an odd color. We were in for bad weather, and everything outside had assumed a green tint. It seemed that even the very air around me was green. I looked off to the storm clouds assembling in the distance, and watched as one cloud seemed to be sprouting roots. As I stood there, mesmerized, a funnel started to reach toward the ground! That would have been a good time to run, huh? Well, it was as if I was glued to that spot – I continued to stare as the funnel reached closer and closer to the ground. Just when I was sure that it would have touched down, the funnel began to pull upward again, and it was gone! A close call, for sure. But I still to this day can’t believe I watched a tornado form! To be honest, a camera probably wouldn’t have done me any good. I think I was so caught up in the sight I wouldn’t have thought to take photos.

Speaking of photos, here is a cute one of my grandson Justin:

I've made a little more progress on the giraffe-ghan. I have one and three-quarters giraffes crocheted. I need to sew spots on them and sew them to the afghan. Did I tell you how much I hate sewing? LOL! After that, two clouds (easy), a few more grass patches, a border on the green part of the afghan, and some fringe.

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