Sunday, June 14, 2009

Animal Antics - My Bad Dogs and Why I Love Them!

It started off this morning when our beagle drank my coffee. He loves coffee, especially iced coffee. I guess I shouldn't have set it on the floor next to the chair as I worked on my blanket, but next thing I knew he had nosed the cup over on its side and he was happily lapping up my latte! He's got a thing for money too. More than once I've traipsed to the bank with chewed up currency to swap for nice crisp bills. Goofy dog!

The Scamp, my min pin, scooted out the door on me this afternoon. Normally, he makes his escape out the back door which isn't so much of a problem. There is a large open field behind us. He might make his way into a neighbor's back yard where he chases the birdies from the feeder. But it's not usually a problem to round him up. However, this afternoon he slipped out the side door and raced across our front lawn. He slowed down enough to allow me to get within 5 feet of him and then he hauled hiney into the next yard...and the next...and the next. Then across the street - and into someone's backyard. ("Honestly, officer, I'm not a peeper - just chasin' my dog!") He made a U-turn and headed back up the street. In the meantime, my plaintive calls for the dog to return brought the neighbors out to their front porches to enjoy the show - and they must have, as I spotted a few grins and heard a few giggles on my travels. Me in my bare feet chasing a laughing little dog. He was laughing at me. One neighbor came to my rescue with a leash but we weren't able to catch The Little Scamp. My son took over tracking duties while I ducked into my house to get The Scamp's feeding dish. That did the trick - he made another quick U-turn, sped across the street and was at my feet doing what I call the "Din-Din Dance". Jump and spin, jump and spin!

I can't get mad at either one of them - but they sure can catch me off guard from time to time.


  1. Too-oooo FUNNY!!! I get such a kick just catching some of the personalities and behaviors of all our little furbabies! We have thunderstorms going on right now though, so ours are all acting a little nervous right now. Not a one of them is looking too playful or mischievous at the moment!

  2. It's funny now - still makes me laugh that he led me on such a merry chase! I wasn't laughing then, though.

    You are right - they do have personalities, don't they? Gotta love 'em!

  3. LOL! I can't stop giggling at that!!! I have seen dogs that drink milk and beer, but never coffee!! A pup after my own heart, he knows whats GOOD! ;)

  4. I know coffee isn't the best thing for him, and he didn't get much before I cleaned it up off the floor. I think he likes it the way I like my coffee - extra light! In fact, I like a little coffee with my milk!
    Don't know what I'd do without the doggies...