Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Finished Items

I was able to deliver the finished dishcloths, coasters, pincushions and scubbies to my sister yesterday. I hope that they help to make money for the church.

We had another estate sale yesterday at my dad's house. It is hard to watch people walk away with pieces of your parents' life. I think this was difficult for all of us, but at least we were together. And we were all together, even those of us who are still physically far away. My mind drifted off several times back to when we were kids. I will be happy when this is all finished, though. My thanks to my brothers and sisters who worked so hard to prepare for the sale!

I did get to see my little grandson yesterday! Dan and Nicole stopped by the sale with the baby and he was a big hit with all of his great-aunts and great-uncles! What a pleasant baby he is! He goes to everyone with a big smile. And he's getting so big!

I've been checking in with the eagle cam recently. Those eaglets are getting big too! In fact, two of them have left the nest. The last eaglet is "branching" - he (or she - can't remember which) is practicing flying from branch to branch in the tree and should also be taking flight as soon as it's ready.

Not much on the agenda for today - I will be catching up on my crocheting. Back to the baby afghan I'm making - it's this one


  1. Your bazaar items look great! That baby blanket is going to be soooo cute! Can't wait to se it finished!

  2. Those bazaar goodies are sure to go over well! You just reminded me that I need to post the pictures of the eagles nest (& the eagle guarding it!) at my sons school. It's absolutely amazing!