Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teach Your Children

My former boss is currently residing in the Montgomery County Prison. I don’t think of myself as a mean vindictive person, wishing another ill will. But I do have to admit I was happy to hear the above-mentioned news. The man has got to pay for his transgressions, and when I heard that he had skipped bail, I thought that would be the last we'd hear of him. In a previous post, Just Desserts, I detailed my miserable employment situation. I’m still trying to recover from the blows that snake delivered to my self-esteem.

Self-confidence has never been a strong point for me. In fact, one of my sisters told me recently that it bothers her when I put myself down all the time. I developed that little trait many years ago as a self-defense mechanism. If someone made fun of me, it hurt. But if I beat them to the punch and made fun of myself before they did, they would laugh and I would feel like they were laughing with me, not at me.

Growing up in that situation made me super-conscious of the way my boys were raised. I wouldn’t allow them to call each other names or to make fun of other kids. That was absolutely forbidden in my home. I think that kids who are teased and bullied either grow up to be adults who don’t want to see others treated that way, or they want to dish it out the same way they got it. To this day, I sincerely wish parents would take a good look at their kids’ interaction with their peers. Too many parents shrug off their child’s bullying behavior, saying all kids are like that and the victim needs to develop a thicker skin. Shame on them! This is why our country’s children are dying in school massacres or at their own hand. Wake up, folks! They don’t call it the Golden Rule for nothing. Teach your children to treat others with respect, just as they would like to be treated.

But back to my former boss and his situation – I hope they prosecute to the fullest so that he cannot victimize anyone else.


  1. After reading this I of course had to read Just Desserts. I can completely relate to the onset of depression due to a job situation with a bad boss. I am now on my THIRD month of retirement from the fish factory - and somedays I still reel from the BS that happened. I had a supervisor that sat no more than 10 feet away and yet would email - in all caps and sometimes red font color - rather than speak to us. Our director (boss of supervisor) often made the same claim of "management style". It was horrendous. And the thing is, I received nothing but praise from all of my superiors besides her. It was so bad, and although she actually left the company before I did - the damage was done. In some ways it even got worse because then my director who would never step in before was now suddenly confiding in me that the old supervisor DID in fact have it in for me. I developed such a complex and horrible anxiety to the point that it was all I could do to get to work and home again, I missed so much with the kids because of it. I am making up for lost time now. I am also finished with the corporate world. I wouldn't mind a part time job, but I can't do office politics again. I have never been able to understand why people can't just work together & get along.
    I understand your satisfaction from this guys incarceration!! And I agree with how to teach our children to have respect. Amen to that!!

  2. It's certainly not vindictive to derive some measure of satisfaction from vindication (and the knowledge that others won't be victimized as long as he's in jail). Just Desserts was so sad, and it's great to know you have emerged from that situation.

  3. Thank you, ladies, for your support!
    Things are going a lot better now.