Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updating With Box Turtle Video

turtle burying eggs

A big thank you to my sister Karen for allowing me to share her video with you! This is a box turtle spotted in Karen's back yard, digging a hole for her nest. She eventually laid eggs in this nest as well (not sure how many) and covered them back up. My sister will attempt to make sure the nest is kept safe from predators and will be watching for the young'uns to make their appearance in the fall.

She occasionally finds turtles swimming in her pool as well!

If you want to share this video or photo with friends, please link to this page - thanks! I am using it with my sister's permission - she holds the rights to the video and photo.


  1. That's neat. The turtle is cool looking. :)

  2. That is so cool. Mr. Turtle thought he was the stuff chillin' in the pool!

  3. How cute! I can't wait to see the babies.

  4. Hi YarnJeannie!

    I read your " About Me " . It made me feel like " Hey, So I'm not the only who does that ! "

    I'm referring to, Read Then Crochet on and off. Right now I'm crocheting... :-) If you check my blog, ( myhookandI.blgspot.com )you'll see the afghan I just finished. I started it on vacation in Michigan.
    ~ Susan

  5. That is way cool! A mom's a mom no matter what!!!

  6. How awesome is that??? That turtle knew just the right place to go for protection & love in your sisters backyard. Can't wait to see the babies someday. TURTLE TURTLE...lol...I can't remember the movie, just the goofy guy saying that over & over... :)