Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day Three of a Four-Day Weekend

Hubby is home safe and sound. The dive gang did a wreck dive off the Jersey shore today. The Stolt Dagali was the wreck they dove. I worry about these wreck dives, but Wayne assures me that he follows all the safety rules. He dove to 105 feet, but he wasn't inclined to investigate the interior of the wreck. The captain of the boat advised them not to. He expected heavy traffic on the way home, and I was surprised to see him arrive about an hour earlier than I expected him. Glad he's home! He reports seeing a pod of dolphins and possibly an ocean sunfish breaching while he was on the boat! I wish I weren't so afraid of the water - I'd like to see some of these things!

I've been watching the Deadliest Catch marathon on TV, ran a couple of errands and did a little crocheting today.

Here's a photo of my latest acquisition. A giraffe tea kettle! I had one of these years ago and it was broken. I thought I'd never be able to replace it, but found this one on Amazon. My son had given me an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas, so this is my Christmas gift! I love it!

One more day off before returning to work - ugh!

I've started a scarf, but I'm not feeling the love, if you know what I mean. So I think I'll set it aside and maybe get back to my sweetheart ripple afghan. I was making some progress on that and need to pick it up again.

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