Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shark Sunday!

The shark dive at the aquarium was great! Wayne had a real blast! He didn't think he'd have so much fun and he wants to do it again. So I guess we know what to get him for Christmas this year.

Putting some videos on:

Dan, Nicole and Justin were able to come to the aquarium to see the dive too. The baby is sooooo cute! He won't remember his grandpap in the tank with the sharks, but at least we have it on video for him when he gets older. It was so cute to see Wayne waving to the baby from inside the tank!


  1. What a wonderful gift idea for a diver! I'm envying your tech-savvy, posting videos and all. The afghan is looking great, too. I guess this relatively cool summer we're having in PA and NJ is a boon to crocheters. Wishing you a good week!

  2. Thats so awesome, looks like fun! What a great gift you have given him. :)

  3. Oh my gosh... In a tank with SHARKS?!! Oh no.. Not me!! I guess this is why I'm only a Ravenclaw, and not a Gryffindor! (0;

    Please do stop by my blog today, as I have a special surprise for you!!

  4. Hi again! I am sending you an email using the email address I find right here on your blog, so please watch for it... just in case it gets mistaken for spam of some kind. I am sending it to you right now! (0;

  5. :0 You could never get me in a tank with SHARKS! That was cool to watch, though. There are some big fish tanks at Bass Pro Shop here and divers will go in (there was a 'mermaid' once) there; with the stingrays and everything.

    The baby is adorable! The videos were great. :)