Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A String Around My Finger…

I have been reminding myself of all the good things I have in my life. It’s been hard to focus on the good lately. So here goes – probably have listed these things before, but I need to list them again.

A dear sweet husband – we’ll be celebrating 29 years together in September.

Two wonderful sons who really have been the light of my life

A darling little grandson who I love more than I would have thought possible, and his sweet lovely mother- I would be proud to call her my daughter

I have loving brothers and sisters who care about me

I have a job (ugh) to go to – some folks can’t say that these days

I have a roof over my head and food on the table

I have all of these things to make me happy - why am I feeling like I'm stuck in the mud? Reminds me of the little old lady I saw at an Atlantic City casino last year. She was walking in the wrong direction on the moving sidewalk. For every forward step she took, the sidewalk moved her backward an equal distance. Fortunately, someone finally pointed out to her that she was heading the wrong way. That's me, on life's moving sidewalk - I need to get turned around.

My DH came home yesterday from work and told me that the open water diving class that was scheduled for a week and a half from now has been canceled. He suggested we go somewhere for the weekend. It sounds good to me! It could be just what I need - time away from it all. I'm thinking Lancaster PA. We have gone there for the weekend a couple of times, and it's always been a nice little trip. The Carter baby outlet is in the area, and I could do some shopping for little Justin. We just need to decide on a place to stay.


  1. Hi YarnJeannie,

    Maybe a short trip over the weekend with you husband is all you need to turn around & no longer walk the wrong way on the moving sidewalk if life. :-)

    ~ Susan

  2. Are you going to see the Amish country? I've always wanted to go there. I hope you get to go and unwind. Might be just what you need. :)

  3. I'd vote for AC for your trip -- after all, you were "inspired" by the moving sidewalk image!