Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today Is The Big Shark Dive!

We are going to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden today. For Christmas, I gave my scuba-diving fanatic husband a gift certificate for one of the "adventures" at the aquarium. Diving in the big shark tank! We'll be there to cheer him on at 3:00 and I'll be taking videos! My husband has logged over 150 dives since taking his first introductory lesson a couple of years ago. He is always disappointed that he hasn't seen any sharks on his dives. (Me? I'd be thrilled not to see any sharks!) So if he wants to see sharks, this is his chance. Best to do it in a controlled environment, I think. One where they've already fed the sharks, so they won't be inclined to take a nip or two!

I'm anxious to meet up with my son and his little family too. They have been on vacation in Atlantic City and had a wonderful time. I missed them so much! Nicole posted the sweetest little video of baby Justin at the Atlantic City Aquarium. I could watch it over and over! In fact, I have! I hope to have some videos or photos of the baby to add to my blog later this evening.

Hubby just ran out to get some coffees for us this morning, so I'll end this post and be back to update later this evening, hopefully with some videos! In the meantime, I'll be working on the Sweetheart Ripple again.

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  1. Hope your hubby had a great swim with the sharks! Thanks for the comment on the post on my blog. Have a great night and God Bless You!