Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

What a beautiful day it is! Happy Fourth of July to all!

I took a walk through the garden today. My friend called me the other day and said she had something that looked like little tomatoes growing on her potato plants. I had never heard of such a thing, so I took a look at my potato plants. They are growing like weeds, and I also have "pomatoes"! I googled them and they are actually the fruits of the potato plant. They show up on the plants when the weather is cooler than usual. We have indeed had a cool and rainy June.

They aren't edible fruits - toxic, in fact. But they say that you can remove the seeds and plant them as a novelty in your garden. Seeds must be sown indoors in the winter as they take a long time to grow. If you actually want potatoes, though, your best bet is to grow them from seed potatoes, as we did. My cherry tomatoes should produce a nice crop. I already have a lot of little green cherries now. There are a few larger green tomatoes out there too. I have an eggplant starting to form, and a few more flowers on the plant. The cucumbers my brother gave me are spreading fast!

I also have blackberries. Not to the extent we had them last year. Wayne dug a good portion of the plant out last fall and transplanted it on the family farm upstate. He said they didn't grow this year, but if I'm not mistaken, we waited over a year for these plants to grow. He may see them take off next year.

Today is a lazy day. I have some laundry and dishes to do. But that's about it. I think I'll pick up my hook and get a little crochet time in today. I'm thinking about working up one of the Airport Scarves in this month's Crochet World magazine.

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