Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Middle of the Week

On my computer’s desktop at work, I have a photo of my grandson Justin and his lovely mom, Nicole. It makes those difficult days bearable to be able to look at their sweet smiling faces! Nicole is such a good mom – I am really glad my son found her! As always, Justin is just too cute for words!

I brought my afghan to work with me today. Since DS Tom has no work today, I won’t have to leave at lunch time to pick him up and drive him home. I had hoped to complete the Sweetheart Ripple afghan in time for entry into the Grange Fair in August. It is slow-going, however. I’m finishing a little less than 4 rows an hour, so working on it solely at lunch time won’t work. It’s single crochet, with some treble crochet front post stitches thrown into the mix. I also made it slightly wider than the pattern called for. I really do love the look of the afghan, though! It was designed by Kim Guzman – kudos to Kim!

I’m awaiting delivery of two doll patterns. I love making dolls. I have no little girls in the family to crochet them for, though. My nieces and great nieces have all outgrown baby dolls. I’m sure that the fact that I love to make girls’ things has something to do with the fact that I only had two boys! I miss not having a daughter.

Saturday will be busy, I guess. Some of my brothers and sisters are getting together at my father’s house. We are hoping to be able to put it up for sale this year. I will be sad to see it go. I had hoped at one point to be able to purchase the house. My husband put the idea in my head when he mentioned that he would like to look into buying it. It sits on a large lot, and there are wood floors throughout and a fireplace in the living room.

My husband and I were married at that house, in the back yard, almost 29 years ago. I still remember that as though it happened yesterday. I guess that’s part of the reason I wanted to buy it. Sentimentality. But knowing how my husband and I can butt heads over home improvements, and knowing that there would be things in the house that have to be fixed up, I wouldn’t want to see those 29 years going down the drain! I’ll be tearful when it leaves the family, but that’s life. Instead, I will look ahead to planning a future when my husband and I can retire. I’m thinking we might head down south a bit. I’m tired of dreary winters, sloppy icy roads and cold weather. I’m thinking the Carolinas…


  1. and the Carolinas will be glad to have you!!

  2. Awwww, how sweet! Thanks! I've been to the Outer Banks - lovely area! I'm anxious to visit more of your state!

  3. The picture of your daughter in law and grandson diffently makes you smile. That is a great picture he is so cute.
    My son lives in South Carolina.

  4. I haven't been to South Carolina yet, but would like to visit! My sister has been to Myrtle Beach a number of times and loved it! Some day...