Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday - Weekend is Ending...

The weekend is almost over. It was a nice quiet weekend, with just some household chores to keep me busy. The min pin is looking a little better today. The vet prescribed some pain medication for him. I will need to call them in the morning to see when they can do the x-rays of his foot. I really think that he might have a cold. He's been sneezing like crazy yesterday and today, and I think he is still slightly feverish. Do dogs get colds? I don't see why not.

DH and I just got back from Dan and Nicole's, and paid a quick visit. Baby Justin is just the cutest thing ever! So precious! He's getting to be an armful too!

I started an Easter project - a bunny candy dish. I'll keep it at work. It's an easy and enjoyable project and one I've done before. Like visiting an old friend...

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