Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Dance! On To Another Project!

The forever pants are finally finished! I am soooooo happy! I found an error in the pattern, and had to do some corrections, but it was worth it. Glad that I stuck with it, and hope the kids like them. Posting photo:

It warmed up nicely today, and by Saturday it may reach 70 degrees. Looking forward to the weekend!

I treated myself to a couple of skeins of Sugar 'n Creme, and I'll whip up a couple of dishcloths.

Here's a photo of the second doll blanket I made for my friend's granddaughter. It's not quite finished in this photo:

I used my hexagon afghan pattern, and the same colors as the round ripple I just finished. I'm thinking for the third doll blanket, I will be looking for a mile-a-minute pattern.

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  1. The pants look great. I haven't tried crocheting pants yet. The doll blanket looks good too.