Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy Crochet Weekend

I got a lot of crocheting done this weekend. It was perfect! I finished an infant hat - one of my favorites, the Acorn Hat. It's going to Justin. I've started another one already, too. I was also intrigued by the hexagon baby sweater, so I made one of those for the doll I use as a model to show my baby items. That turned out well. The patterns I've seen call for collars and button bands. Mine doesn't have either buttons or collar. It's nothing fancy - just a sweater so the doll isn't so naked!
Not that I was spending all of my time crocheting - I did accomplish some housework this weekend too. But the crocheting was the best!

Wayne had a busy weekend, too. He's been learning to performing servicing on the air tanks at the dive shop. He will become an equipment specialist. He was working all day there, and really enjoyed the work.

Finally, the clocks have been moved ahead and our daylight will last longer. I love it when it's still light out in the evening, instead of dark at 5:00 pm! It meant an hour of sleep lost, but I didn't mind.

I have a few more hours left to myself this evening, so I think I'll get back to my hook and yarn.


  1. I love the acorn hat! It's adorable! Did you make up the pattern or find one online?

  2. The pattern is in a publication called Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies.