Sunday, March 29, 2009

Severe Weather Warnings!

There's been some wild weather here in Pennsylvania this evening. There were tornado warnings for Berks County, with funnel clouds spotted. Quarter-sized hail accompanied the storms as well as straight-line winds. I was hoping that it wouldn't head east. A severe thunderstorm did pass through our area about an hour ago. It wasn't a long-lasting storm, fortunately.

Brutus is so much better! I'm very happy. I think that he had a bad upper respiratory infection. He's breathing better, he is back to his old self again, carrying on whenever he hears the slightest noise. He's a great watchdog! I was really afraid that we were going to lose him.

I haven't done much crocheting this weekend. I did do a little pink baby hat for a girl at work who is expecting her first baby. I wanted to have time to do another one. I think I can put one together tomorrow. Otherwise, I've been busy with laundry and such here this weekend. I was feeling a little out of it today. Hope I'm not coming down with something.

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