Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Party at the Dive Shop

DH and I just got back from a Christmas party at the dive shop. The shop owner put out tables full of appetizers like cheese and crackers, and there were sandwiches, pizza, stromboli, and so many desserts! I made a pot of pulled pork barbecue at Wayne's request and took that along with some rolls. I do have to say that the barbecue was the first to run out. Not that I didn't make enough - well, maybe I didn't. LOL! I used a pork loin that must have been a good 15 inches long. We had to cut it into sections in order to make it fit in the crockpot. I then made homemade barbecue sauce - my mother-in-law's recipe with a little honey and mustard added to it. It was great, if I do say so myself.

The dive shop was decorated for Christmas, top to bottom. They have a great looking tree, with lots of diving and oceanic ornaments. I took a glittery purple angel fish along and gave it to the shop owner - she added it to the tree. They had a great slide show set up, with photos from all of their dive outings this year. We had a wonderful time.

I heard from my holiday exchange partner on Crochetville. She received her package on the deadline (glad it wasn't late) and she said she liked everything she received. I had sent a hat, scarf and mitten set, along with a sushi scarf and a couple of pretty red decorated chopsticks. She said she can use those as hair sticks to tie up her long hair. Along with those, I sent a pattern book, some yarn, a Christmas tree ornament from Lenox, some perfume, notepaper, and some other little goodies. I'm very glad she liked her gifts. It was a lot of fun to exchange with her!

I accomplished some Christmas projects this morning as well. I had two packages to mail out. One to my sister in Colorado, for her and her kids. The other was destined for Florida. I sent them priority mail, so I hope they will receive them before Christmas. I was surprised to only spent 5 minutes in line at the post office. I must say they were quite efficient behind the counter and kept things moving at a good pace! I was out in such a short time that I treated myself to a stop at the Wawa for a cup of coffee.

I brought some sandwiches home from the party for DS Tom. I don't think I'll be hungry anymore tonight, but I sure feel like I could take a nap! Wayne and I were invited out by a few of the other instructors and divemasters, but we declined. I think we're too old for them! I'd rather go home and grab some Z's. We're partypoopers! LOL!

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