Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve - Santa's Visit

I ran around early this morning, picking up some last minute bargains. I think I have everything I need! There is still more wrapping to do before the night is over!

DH Wayne made his "Santa" appearance at my friend's house, for her granddaughters. He won another one over. Last year, Gabrielle screamed when Santa came in and wouldn't go near him. This year, Santa got a hug, AND she sat on his lap and posed for photos. Wayne has been looking forward to being Santa and was hoping that his knee replacement wouldn't keep him from his Christmas Eve visit. He was fine. As you can see, the youngest isn't past her screaming-meemie stage yet! LOL! Next year will be better! "Santa", me and our son Tom in the photo...

Time to get back to work with last-minute wrapping!

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