Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day - 2008

First - remember the reason for the season!

The day started out with an early morning trip to the cemetery to leave markers on the graves of my parents and uncle. After visiting there for a while, DH and I took a trip to Wawa, where we stopped for coffee. I decided to pick up some bacon, as I knew I had some at home but wasn't sure if it was enough for breakfast. When I got home, I decided that the bacon I had on hand was plenty, so I threw it in a pan - and burned it! Good thing I bought more!

We opened our gifts. I did surprise my husband this year. He usually finds out one way or another what he is getting for Christmas. This year, he was with me when I purchased a gift certificate for the dive shop. Then he mentioned a Black and Decker level that he wanted to get. So I ordered it online, last minute, and hoped it would arrive on time. It did - in a box clearly marked "Black and Decker Level" - thanks, Ace Hardware! So no surprise there. However - he did not know that I purchased a gift certificate for him to a "Sharks Up Close" outing at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. Why he wants to swim in a tank full of sharks is beyond me. But he's been talking about it since becoming a certified diver. To me, the best dive is one where you don't see any sharks! My son was excited to hear my husband would be doing this and wants to go along to see it.

Later we received a call from DS Dan and his girlfriend. They were going to stop off so that we could exchange Christmas gifts with them. Just as they arrived, I was finishing up with fringe on Nicole's scarf. Talk about last-minute crocheting! I set it down on the floor next to me, and went to throw away the scraps of yarn I had on my lap. As I entered the living room, and as Dan and Nicole came in through the front door - crash! The front of my aquarium shattered into a million pieces, and 20 gallons of water, fish and gravel poured out onto my coffee table, carpeting and Christmas gifts! I don't know what happened to the tank, but we took every towel in the house to try to soak up the water. It's still a mess, even though we've done the best we could with it. We'll have to rent a carpet cleaner tomorrow to finish the job. I did manage to save 4 fish, although two of them may not make it. Two of the survivors are gouramis, so they will do well in a betta tank.

I received the Annie's Attic Think Pink Crochet pattern book - it's wet, of course. Caught in the flood. I have it drying out in front of a fan. I also asked for an Ipod and got one, and a giraffe patterned purse (tote bag size). That's drying out too. At least the electronics escaped the deluge.

It's been an interesting day so far. We were invited to visit Nicole's mom and have dinner, or at least have dessert with them. So we will head over there. I have some Lindt chocolate truffles for her mom. I've been in touch via e-mail with my brothers and sisters, and most of us with be able to get together for a family gathering on Saturday. Looking forward to it!

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