Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon - A Quiet Day

It's been a nice lazy day today. Other than a load of dishes and some laundry, I haven't done much today. I've been reading "Marley and Me", an e-book I downloaded to my Amazon Kindle. Did I tell you how much I love that reading device? It holds hundreds of books, and since I purchased it a few months ago, I've done more reading than I have in the last 4 years! I used to read voraciously, but got out of the habit a long time ago. Anyway, getting back to Marley and Me, I have been laughing out loud at some parts of the book! It reminds me of the yellow lab my husband and I purchased shortly after we were married and moved into our current home.
The dog was a lovable lunkhead, and I miss him a lot. I'm getting into the sad part of the book at the ending, which makes me miss Bucky even more. We went a long time before getting another dog - about 15 years. Now we have is interesting!

I finished up and washed the baby bib I made for Justin. I made it with a self-striping cotton yarn and fashioned it from a Lily Chin pattern - the free pattern can be downloaded here. I did not do the reverse single crochet border around it - instead just used single crochet. I like the way it turned out, but it might have been better to use the recommended rsc border.

I was seriously considering making a christening outfit for Justin, but I have decided against it. The baby's christening outfit is such a personal matter and I will leave it to Nicole to pick out what she wants the baby to wear. I know I make a lot of things for the baby, and don't want to force my handmade items upon her. I would hate for her to feel like she had to use what I made, if she really has her heart set on shopping for something new, or even if she already has a family heirloom to use. The christening will be in March.

Dinner was good today. I wanted to try to recreate the meal I had at Sundowners restaurant (onion crusted mahi-mahi). I couldn't find fresh Mahi-mahi in the Giant yesterday, so I bought tilapia. I dipped the fish fillets in egg wash, and then covered them with crushed French-fried onions (the kind you use to make the green-bean casseroles so popular at Thanksgiving). Baked them until onions were crisp and fish was done and served with baked potatoes and peas. Tasted great!

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