Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday in the Florida Keys

Here is Saturday's entry into the Florida Keys Log:

Saturday – Pool Time!

I was exhausted after our outing to Key West and dinner last night. I woke several times this morning but didn't have the energy to drag myself out of bed, so I stayed in bed until a little after 9. Wayne asked me to pick up some items from the store for the group lunch this afternoon – charcoal and matches for the cookout. When we got back from the Winn-Dixie with those items, I delivered them to the cooks. Then SIL Gladys made a big pot of macaroni salad for the group meal. We also picked up a few other items that we took with us. After preparing the macaroni salad, and once the divers returned around 12:00, Wayne and I took a little time to go to the pool. It was heaven, as the water was warm, and so was the sun, with the air temperature at around 82 degrees. I got a little color today. I don't want to go back as pale as I came down.

After our midday meal, Gladys and I spent time relaxing and watching TV, waiting for the divers to return from a night dive. Wayne is having a great time, but he looked exhausted when he left here. I hope he's up to going out for dinner when he returns. If not, Gladys and I will venture out on our own, and bring him some takeout. G and I both have a hankering for seafood. I got some crocheting done today too. Picked up where I left off with the baby's pants, and crocheted until the daylight gave out on me. The lighting in the condo leaves a lot to be desired. I'll pick it up again tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow are crocheting, a little more pool time and maybe a trip to the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada.

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  1. I hope you to got to enjoy some of the fun things to do while in the Florida Keys. One of my favorite is swimming with the dolphins in Key Largo. Maybe you got to do it?
    God Bless,