Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stalled Again on the Infant Pants!

Did you ever just "hit the wall" on a crochet project? You're cruising along just fine, and all of a sudden it takes everything you have to make yourself pick up your project and work on it. The sweater and hat were fine to work on. But I'm about ready to tell the kids the sweater and hat are all they are going to get, and these pants will be relegated to the UFO (unfinished objects) pile. I don't know - I'm a rut? Tired of single crochet? Need to take a break and work on something else? All of the above? The problem is that if I don't finish them in a timely fashion, they will be out of fashion, or won't fit Justin anymore.

I think it's time to take a look through my pattern stash and see if there isn't something small to work on to break the monotony. Maybe a few days break is what I need.

Speaking of Justin, I guess he's going to be with his other grandmother tonight. The kids are going out, and they invited my younger DS Tom to go out with them. I hope they all have a good time.

They're calling for snow this Sunday into Monday. I hope it's a good one! As much as I can't wait for spring to arrive, one really good snowstorm would be great. A day off from work - yippee! I think Sunday evening there will be a run on the stores for bread, milk and eggs. Everyone wants French toast! Go figure!

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