Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprise Trip to Amish Country

We took a surprise overnight trip to the Lancaster area. DH and I started out Monday morning for a day trip to the Rockvale Outlet stores in Lancaster. I went in search of new dinnerware. I had a Corelle pattern in mind, and there is an outlet store there. I had hoped to get a good deal. I did pick out a nice pattern called Cherry Blossom, but it wasn't a deal. It was pretty much the same price in the outlet store as you can find it online at Amazon. We went to a few other stores in the center - one of those was the Carter baby outlet. I picked up a handful of items for our yet-to-be-born grandson. I couldn't resist it. We visited the Vanity Fair store and a couple of other little stores. Let me tell you, I was quite achy after all that shopping. My knee was swollen and my back hurt! Wayne suggested that we find a place to stay and go home the following day. It sounded like a good idea to me. We stopped in a meat market on Tuesday morning and I bought homemade vegetable sausage, some ham hocks for soup, homemade bacon, smoked kielbasa, baked beans and one or two other items.

DS Tom's birthday was yesterday. He's 22. My baby is 22...where is the time going? He's such a good kid!

Well, it's a little early in the morning for posting, but the 4-legged "boys" woke me up this morning. They ate their breakfast and now they are all curled up again, going back to sleep. Maybe I will try to catch a little shut-eye again before having to head out for physical therapy. Sounds like a plan.

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