Friday, September 12, 2008

Musings on a Rainy Friday

This is the kind of weather I like - it's a nice steady light rain out right now. My windows are open (at least on the side of the house where the rain won't come in!) and it's such a lovely cool breeze blowing through. This is perfect. I enjoy days like this, as well as those lovely summer days when it's not too hot, the sun is bright, the sky is blue and scattered with clouds. Fall days, with the rich colors of the changing leaves, are also quite enjoyable.

My son brought home some ultrasound photos of his baby. I'm amazed at the clarity of the pictures they take now. You can almost see his little face as if it were an actual photograph. I remember looking at ultrasounds of my son and not knowing which direction to hold it in ("This is a baby? Are we looking at it right?") LOL! I can't help but think that my son and his girlfriend will have a difficult road ahead of them - child-rearing isn't easy. But I'm looking forward to a new little angel in the family. It wasn't easy for me or my husband when we started out, but we had 3 years as a married couple to get ready for a family. You always want things to be better for your kids than they were for you. I just want them to know that we will be there for them.

I watched the movie "The Bucket List" yesterday. I thought it was very good, and found the ending to be sad and happy at the same time. I'm not a Jack Nicholson fan, but I do enjoy the work of Morgan Freeman. However, I even liked Jack in this film. No spoilers, but I recommend renting this movie. Also saw another of my favorites yesterday - "Defending Your Life". I love movies with happy endings - the kind that bring tears to your eyes.

I have about two more weeks before I have to return to work. Enough time for a few more crochet projects. I ordered a quilt kit - the kind you embroider following a stamped pattern - for the new baby. I'll take it to work with me and leave it there, to work on daily at lunch time.

I was awake most of the night with severe acid reflux (ugh!). Long about 3 a.m., there were sirens going off very close by, so I looked out the window to see if I could see anything. There were flashing lights at the bottom of the hill - the small strip mall down the road from us was burning down. I didn't find out until 6 this morning exactly what all the commotion was about. I think the news report said that 7 stores suffered extensive damage. Our favorite pizza shop, Amato's, is completely gutted. I'll miss it. I hope that everyone was insured.

Well, I think I'll get back to crochet and have a cup of coffee. Enjoy your evening, everyone!

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