Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good News

We had a scare - DH went for his annual physical recently, and they ordered a stress test. The results of that stress test said that his heart was not functioning at full strength. We were very worried due to the fact that his family has a history of heart disease. The doctor ordered an echocardiogram and called yesterday with the results. Upon reviewing both test results, they feel that the original stress test was inaccurate. His heart is indeed functioning as it should. Thank God!

The guy we hired to put siding on the house was finally here to work on it today. He made good progress in the back of the house. He promises to return on Saturday, rain or shine. It will probably be rain, as the weatherman says that Hurricane Hannah will be working its way up the east coast this weekend. If that's the case, the siding guy will be working in the carport where it's dry. It may put a damper on Wayne's scuba diving this weekend. They are calling for thunderstorms in the Bethlehem PA area on Saturday.

I did not make the progress I anticipated on the baby sweater. It's okay, though. It isn't a priority project. My brother would like it to present to a coworker who will be having a baby boy later this month. So I've got plenty of time to finish it up.

I received an order I placed with Elann for yarn. I was reading a post on crochetville wherein someone mentioned looking for a cover - sort of a sock - for someone who has lost a limb. Another poster answered that an item like that would probably have to be customized for size. It made me wonder if there is an elastic yarn on the market that would work, and from there my mind wandered to the possibility of a good stretchy yarn which would be suitable for wearables. I found a nice elastic yarn on Elann called Esprit. It came in a decent selection of colors. I ordered some to see if it would be suitable for a baby sweater or other wearable. It arrived today and I'm anxious to try out a pattern to see how it works. I must finish up the baby sweater in progress though. Discipline, discipline, discipline. No UFO's!

(Don't tell anyone but I worked up a little swatch with the new yarn - it was very easy to work with!) I must restrain myself...

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