Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening and a New Round Ripple Project

Yaaaaaayy! We have some siding on our house. The guy didn't make it here yesterday, with the heavy rain and wind we had. But he did get here today and has some of the siding on the back of the house. It looks very good. The house had pale yellow aluminum siding before. We are having a light green vinyl siding put on this time. We've owned the house for 27 years. It was time for a change! It was hard to pick a new color. We just kind of took a look up and down our street. Most homes are gray or white, so we decided to go with either pale blue or green. There were more blue homes than green, so we chose green. I guess that's a silly way to choose siding! But it looks good.

Wayne didn't have a very productive day yesterday in Dutch Springs - they were all rained out around 3:00 pm. He was working with a couple of novice divers today. One of them was the daughter of an experienced diver, and Wayne said it was obvious that the girl really didn't want to be there. It's a shame. I know how she feels though. I would not be a happy camper if I was expected to take the same interest in scuba diving as DH does. It's just not my thing. I like to stay above water, thanks! Snorkeling is about as adventurous as I get. Although...on one cruise we did, I did try the BOB excursion in St. Thomas. They don't call it the BOB anymore (Breathing Observation Bubble). It's now call Boss - Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter. It's basically riding a motorized scooter underwater with a helmet filled with air over your head. I did enjoy that excursion. The worst part was that you needed to go completely underwater in order to put your head inside the helmet. Once inside, you could breathe unrestricted, and you could talk if you wanted to. I still can't believe I did that one! But scuba - Uh-uh! I don't think so.

I started a new pink and white round ripple baby afghan which will go to the NICU unit. Photo to follow when I get a little farther into it.

Here's a photo of hubby underwater:

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