Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Evening - Thanksgiving Next Week

Thanksgiving is next week! I can't believe it! It will soon be Christmas. Where has the year gone? This will be the first holiday without my Dad or my Mom. Mom passed away 16 years ago, and Dad in January this year. It's going to be a bittersweet holiday. For the first time, my brothers and sisters and I are on our own. They say you aren't really an adult until your parents are gone. But I truly believe that Mom and Dad are once again together.

This week was fairly busy at work. It was the last of my physical therapy sessions. I'm supposed to hear from the therapist in 2 weeks to see whether or not I still have issues to resolve. The back of my knee had been giving me problems and I'll be back to wearing my casual dress shoes instead of sneakers to work. We'll see.

Wayne goes into the hospital on Monday 12/1 for his surgery - knee replacement. I keep telling him he'll be so glad he did it, once it's over.

I finished up a handful of face ornaments for Christmas. Attached is a photo.

There are snowmen, teddy bears and elves. Hope to get more done before our family Christmas get-together.

Dinner tonight was excellent! Stuffed peppers, one of my DH's favorites. We had dinner out the other night for DS Dan's 25th birthday. It was nice to get together with him and with his girlfriend. She is very sweet!

My min-pin buddy is curled up next to me on this recliner. He doesn't leave my side. What a good friend he is! Little scamp!

The scuba shop is planning a trip to the Florida Keys again in February. I can't wait to go, even though I'm not a diver. My sister-in-law will be going with us, so I'll have another non-diver to spend time with. I think that this time, I'd like to take a ride to Key West to see it. Hope we can have dinner again at Sundowners' too.

Earlier in another post, I mentioned working on a round ripple afghan for my friend's daughter, as a shower gift. I had second thoughts on this afghan, and didn't know if the yellow, beige and brown afghan would go with her decor. I decided instead to give her a 2-strand round ripple I did in blended rainbow colors that I entered in the grange fair in August. I had it in storage and thought about using it myself, but hated to put it out where the dogs would want to curl up in it! LOL! She loved this one! I'm glad, as it took a lot of yarn and a long time to finish it.

I popped a DVD into the player today and watched "Elf" - twice! I wanted to also get a head start on the Christmas season with a viewing of "The Christmas Story", which is my favorite holiday movie. But I can't find it! I'll have to put it on my Blockbuster queue.

Well, back to crocheting. I'm working on my gift for my Holiday exchange partner on Crochetville. I hope she likes it.

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  1. The afghans are beautiful and I think she would have loved either one.

    Cute critters, too!